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Detailed explanation from CS Monitor why Palestinians do not recognize Israel's right to exist
Palestinians say Israel has no right to exist because current land of Israel was at some points owned by Palestinians
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IsraelΓÇÖs turn to the right: the occupier devours itself | ROAR Magazine
Crackdown on Internal Dissent: Of course, protesting war has never really gone down well in Israeli society. A commentator once captured the public attitude towards anti-war protest in a simple catchphrase: ΓÇ£Quiet! WeΓÇÖre shooting!ΓÇ¥ In recent years, though, Israeli society has made a dramatic lurch to the right. Today, to oppose the war as an Israeli is to invite social exclusion, public ridicule and ΓÇö if you persist in being reasonable ΓÇö even physical aggression. Ask Gideon Levy, the well-known Haaretz columnist and an outspoken critic of the occupation: he knows all about it. Levy has been verbally assaulted on live TV and has received death threats in response to his hard-hitting criticism of IDF atrocities. He can no longer walk the streets without being cursed or spat on, and his employer recently saw itself forced to provide him with a private bodyguard.
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