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LGBT classes ‘decision for school’ not parents, says Damian Hinds | Education | The Guardian - LGBT lessons: Schools told they can choose what to teach - Damian Hinds has written to head teachers saying they are encouraged to teach children about LGBT issues if they "consider it age appropriate". -

&! - Birmingham anti-LGBT lessons leaflet 'inflammatory' - "gay ethos"
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(21) Matt Norris - Disapproving of people who aren't "Normal" went from...
People miss being socially rewarded for conformity.
People miss being socially rewarded for enforcing it.
People resent being punished for what they were once rewarded for.

The shift in public morals changed the rules on what it took to be seen as a good person.

It used to be about not doing anything weird, and looking down on anybody who did.

Now it's about not doing anything cruel, and looking down on anyone who does.

There used to be people it was not only OK to be cruel about, but REWARDED to be cruel about.

People fear the loss of unity that a loss of conformity-as-a-public-moral represents to them. They don't understand what that unity cost, and don't understand that it was a facade that was no more true then, than it was now, and just required a lot more people to hide, pretend, live unsatisfying inauthentic lives, and often suffer anyway, because the people who fear this were the ones conformity came easily to. They were the ones around whom the idea of "normal" was designed.
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Parkfield LGBT protest: Why has the school’s top teacher been silenced? | Education | The Guardian
Andrew Moffat faces daily taunts and graffiti amid fears of capitulation to parents [...] Yet it has been advised by Department for Education (DfE) officials negotiating with parents to call off the lessons and not to issue denials or talk to the media for fear of inflaming the situation. [...] Protest organisers make it clear that they are aiming to have the teaching abolished “not just in this school but at every school in Birmingham and every school in the country”.
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