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Griffith's Valuation
Only this and parish records are usually of use pre Civil Registration.
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Waterford City & County Council : Archives : Family History
Features searchable online databases such as trade directories, church records and more.
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Irish Gravestone Inscriptions, Tracing your Irish Ancestors: Home
The largest collection of online gravestone inscriptions in Northern Ireland. The database contains over 50,000 inscriptions from over 800 graveyards in counties Antrim, Armagh, Down, Fermanagh, Londonderry and Tyrone
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Catholic Parish Registers at the NLI
Freely accessible digitized Catholic parish records; not searchable by name but see Ancestry and FindMyPast for searchable indexes to these records.
Catholic  Ireland  Search 
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Microsoft Word - How to search for will calendars in online catalogue.doc
How to search for the Calendars of grants of probate of wills and letters of administration 1922- 1982 on the National Archives online catalogue.
Guide  Ireland  Testamentary 
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