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The Plot Against George Soros
Strange bit here: Soros obsession kicked off because of Iraq and this guy was definitely at fault
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2 days ago by yorksranter
Bush's Iraq speech echoes a new voice - Americas - International Herald Tribune
There could be no doubt about the theme of President George W. Bush's Iraq war strategy speech on Wednesday at the U.S. Naval Academy. He used the word victory 15 times in the address; "Plan for Victory" signs crowded the podium he spoke on; and the word heavily peppered the accompanying 35-page National Security Council document titled, "Our National Strategy for Victory in Iraq."
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9 days ago by yorksranter
Mosul is also famous for its sweets! This kunafa was gorgeous and baklawa of course .
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11 days ago by dyma
This was also very special fresh fried fish
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11 days ago by dyma
food at its best. Kubba of three different types !
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11 days ago by dyma
Baghdad at 10 million: fragile dreams of normality as megacity status beckons | Cities | The Guardian
After an exhausting journey through Baghdad’s vast and grimy suburbs, the pastel-coloured blocks of Besmaya Dream City rise up above the rushes just beyond one of the modern gates marking the edge of the city.
cities  iraq 
12 days ago by jeffhammond
Major restoration continues at the musuem and new spaces have been opened for public to view. New found confi…
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16 days ago by dyma
Letters From Baghdad - A Documentary Film : Letters From Baghdad
The story of Gertrude Bell, sometimes referred to as the female Lawrence of Arabia, who helped shape Iraq's destiny following WWI.
travel  documentary  film  politics  foreign  policy  archaeology  history  mesopotamia  baghdad  iraq  arabia  middle-east 
18 days ago by asaltydog
Echoes of Extremist ‘Morality Police’ In Northern Iraq University | Niqash, Dec 2018
Students at Mosul University report a disturbing trend, where campus security report on and harass male and female students sitting together. It reminds them most of the Islamic State group’s morality patrols.
Iraq  Ninewa  modesty_police  academia 
20 days ago by elizrael

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