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Common IPv6 Newbie Questions
We are often surprised when someone asks a very fundamental question about IPv6. Having worked with IPv6 for so many years, we take for granted how we ourselves originally learned about IPv6 and the basic questions that we asked at first.
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13 days ago by ahall
FE80::1 is a Perfectly Valid IPv6 Default Gateway Address
This article builds upon the IPv6 newbie questions theme and covers a couple of the IPv6 addressing nuances that are often surprising to IPv6 neophytes (and sometimes IPv6 veterans, too!)
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13 days ago by ahall
Internet Protocol Version 6 Address Space
As stated in RFC3513, IANA should limit its allocation of IPv6-unicast
address space to the range of addresses that start with binary value 001.
The rest of the global unicast address space (approximately 85% of the IPv6
address space) is reserved for future definition and use, and is not to be
assigned by IANA at this time.
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13 days ago by ahall
linux - How to disable AAAA lookups? - Server Fault
Q: ... to compensate for broken DNS servers that are outside our control.

Our problem: We deploy embedded devices that collect sensor data at various, mostly IPv4-only sites. Some sites have poorly maintained networks, e.g. misconfigured or otherwise broken DNS caches and/or firewalls that either ignore AAAA queries altogether, or respond to them with broken replies (e.g. wrong source IP!). As an external supplier to the facilities department, we have next to no influence on the (sometimes reluctant) IT departments. The chances of them fixing their DNS servers/firewalls any time soon are minuscule.

The effect on our device is that with each gethostbyname(), the processes have to wait until the AAAA queries time out, at which point some processes have already timed out their connection attempts altogether.
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19 days ago by ezequiel
NXDOMAIN, NODATA and debugging DNS for dual-stacked hosts - Cisco Umbrella Blog
TL;DR – An NXDOMAIN response means there are no records, of any DNS type, for the requested domain name. A NODATA response means there are records for the requested domain name, but none of them match the record type in your request.
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19 days ago by ezequiel
domain name system - How to prevent delays associated with IPv6 AAAA records? - Server Fault
Q: Our Windows servers are registering IPv6 AAAA records with our Windows DNS servers. However, we don't have IPv6 routing enabled on our network, so this frequently causes stall behaviours.

Microsoft RDP is the worst offender. When connecting to a server that has a AAAA record in DNS, the remote desktop client will try IPv6 first, and won't fall back to IPv4 until the connection times out. Power users can work around this by connecting to the IP address directly. Resolving the IPv4 address with ping -4 hostname.foo always works instantly. [...]
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19 days ago by ezequiel
Happy Eyeballs - Wikipedia
Happy Eyeballs (also called Fast Fallback) is an algorithm published by the IETF which can make dual-stack applications (those that understand both IPv4 and IPv6) more responsive to users by attempting to connect using both IPv4 and IPv6 at the same time (preferring IPv6), thus avoiding the usual problems faced by users with imperfect IPv6 connections or setups.
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19 days ago by ezequiel
mdlayher/corerad: CoreRAD is an extensible and observable IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Protocol router advertisement daemon. Apache 2.0 Licensed.
CoreRAD is an extensible and observable IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Protocol router advertisement daemon. Apache 2.0 Licensed. - mdlayher/corerad
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22 days ago by geetarista

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