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Detour Platform
I upvoted Detour Platform on Product Hunt: Create your own location-based audio experience 🎧 http://ift.tt/2v1Jwel at August 16, 2017 at 11:25AM
Product  Hunt  Tech  iPhone 
12 hours ago by iamthefury
Twelve South
Twelve South creates beautifully designed accessories exclusively for Apple computers. We know Mac users. We are Mac users. We feel it’s time to stop settling for PC accessories that are painted white and passed off as “Mac compatible.”
shopping  iphone  mac  ios  design  hardware  apple  ipad  macbook  accessories 
12 hours ago by nebakineza
Aerial Wallpapers
I love satellite imagery and topographic maps so I made several wallpapers with those gorgeous pictures. All wallpapers are iPhone 6 Plus optimized with 1242×2208 pixels, but you can resize for any device you have
iphone  wallpaper 
19 hours ago by codeyard
Everything That’s Inside Your iPhone - Motherboard
Silicon, arsenic, gold and the social and environmental effects of backbreaking mining.
iphone  apple 
22 hours ago by jorgebarba

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