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If you’re an iPhone shopper still stuck between choosing which model to get, a new report about data speeds on Apple’s smartphones could sway your decision. via Pocket
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Why Sarah Sanders used the Notes app, just like many celebrities
Notes, a pre-downloaded iOS app, has become the go-to for quick statements from prominent people in PR crises. via Pocket
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How to Use Raise to Speak On Apple Watch | iPhoneLife.com
Starting with watchOS 5 for Apple Watch Series 3 or later, you can raise your wrist to get Siri's attention without saying "Hey Siri." Here's how to use raise to talk, or raise to speak, for Siri voice commands on your Apple Watch. via Pocket
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Amazon.com: Kenu Airbase Magnetic | Magnetic Car Phone Mount | Android Car Mount + iPhone Car Holder, iPhone Xs Max/Xs / X, iPhone 8 Plus/8, iPhone 7 Plus/7 Car Accessories, Samsung Phone Stand | Black: Cell Phones & Accessories
Buy Kenu Airbase Magnetic | Magnetic Car Phone Mount | Android Car Mount + iPhone Car Holder, iPhone Xs Max/Xs / X, iPhone 8 Plus/8, iPhone 7 Plus/7 Car Accessories, Samsung Phone Stand | Black: Car Cradles & Mounts - Amazon.com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases
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MagBak for iPhone 7 with 2 MagSticks (Ships in 1-2 days) – 1Lss Store
A minimalist protective case and mounting solution for iPhone 7. Mounts your phone to your car, kitchen & anywhere else.
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Apple’s Executive Shake-Up Readies Company for Life After iPhone
Feb. 18, 2019 | WSJ | By Tripp Mickle.

Apple Inc. is shaking up leadership and reordering priorities across its services, artificial intelligence, hardware and retail divisions as it works to reduce the company’s reliance on iPhone sales......The primary reasons for the shifts vary by division. But collectively, they reflect Apple’s efforts to transition from an iPhone-driven company into one where growth flows from services and potentially transformative technologies......Apple has also trimmed 200 staffers from its autonomous-vehicle project, and is redirecting much of the engineering resources in its services business, led by Eddy Cue, into efforts around Hollywood programming......The competitive landscape could complicate Apple’s efforts to diversify beyond the iPhone. Media services like Netflix Inc. and Spotify Technology SA have a head start and more subscribers; Google’s autonomous-vehicle initiative has logged more miles on the road; and Amazon.com Inc.’s Echo speakers have put Alexa into millions of homes.

Apple spent $14.24 billion on research and development last year, a 23% increase from the year prior........Though the iPhone still contributes about two-thirds of Apple sales, the company has encouraged investors to focus on a growing services business, which includes streaming-music subscriptions, app-store sales and mobile payments.....The services business also is key to preserving iPhone loyalty. Just as Amazon has used media and music offerings to increase the value of Prime membership, Apple executives view its mobile payments, music service and coming video offering as ways to encourage current iPhone owners to buy future Apple handsets.....Apple is also expected to lean on its artificial-intelligence team to personalize the services on people’s devices.
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Vox: How to dress for cold weather, explained by an arctic researcher
Or, "Layering, explained." Read the full story
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