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NYTimes: Without Saying ‘Trump,’ George W. Bush Delivers an Implicit Rebuke
Former President George W. Bush defended immigration and free trade, while condemning nationalism, protectionism and “casual cruelty” in public discourse.
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Coindex on the App Store
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ios 10 camera bug | Official Apple Support Communities
I have the same problem . 6s plus .. upgraded to ios 10.0.02 and switch the camera on and get a black screen . Remove all background app's and try again and it sometimes works . This bug needs to be fixed ASAP.
I have iphone 5s too.
I just updated to ios 10.1 but nothing changes, the problem still the same, my rear camera works for about a couples of times when I take picture but then suddenly freeze and black screen just like before.
The front camera looks fine.
After update to IOS 10.0.2 - SOMETIMES - back camera has problem to focus and screen stays black. Slide to video and back resolves this issue ...
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