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A few days with the Luna Display • All this
Doctor Drang got a <a href="https://lunadisplay.com">Luna Display</a> (which plugs into a Mac and turns an iPad into a wireless second display. He didn't like it, and took it back:
<p>everything felt wrong when I was running Mac apps through my iPad. Buttons were too small, even when I tried tapping on them with the Pencil. Resizing windows was a chore; dragging felt off. I confess I didn’t spend time examining why the behavior just didn’t feel right, but it didn’t.

I use both my Macs and my iPad a lot, and while I don’t have any trouble switching between the two, I found it very annoying to be forced into using Mac-like actions on an iPad. This was surprising to me, as I have nearly 35 years of Mac use under my belt and only 2½ years of iPad use. But my immediate sense—a sense that didn’t change over the 4–5 days I used the Luna—was one of unease.

Would I have felt this unease had I been using the Luna Display in a more keyboard-centric manner? Maybe not. And I can see where people who are iPad-first users would find the Luna very convenient if they only occasionally need to be hands-on with their Mac mini server. But for my use, the neither-fish-nor-fowl behavior that the Luna forced me into was very inconvenient. It made me have to think about what I was doing instead of just doing it, and that got in the way of my real work.</p>
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2 hours ago by charlesarthur
Apple highlights iPad Pro's productivity prowess in new ad series
Apple on Friday published a new series of iPad Pro advertisements that depart from past commercials by positioning the tablet not as a PC replacement, but as a "new way" of accomplishing various tasks, from taking notes to podcasting.
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3 hours ago by dvand5
Nomad is much more than a brand name. It's our philosophy as a company and a team: owning fewer things, being resourceful, and seeking adventure. This is the very core of our product vision: creating minimalist, practical tools that keep us powered on the go. We develop all of our product concepts from the ground up — relying on the lightest, thinnest and strongest materials for our designs.
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4 hours ago by kiranmaxweber
【iPad】PDF編集アプリにGoodNotes4を全力でオススメする3つの理由 | Apple信者1億人創出計画

理由1、Apple Pencilの使い心地がヤバい
理由2、※重要 編集機能が多彩・使いやすい
理由3、※必読 PDFの一部分をスクリーンショット可能
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yesterday by kmiyazaki
【Evernote】自称ミニマリストの僕が厳選した7つの使い方を伝授しようと思う | Apple信者1億人創出計画
使い方5、Apple Pencilとの組み合わせ
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yesterday by kmiyazaki
How to restrict cellular data with Restrictions on iPhone and iPad | iMore
How do I restrict my cellular data with Restrictions on iPhone and iPad? You can use Parental Controls to make sure your kids don't use up your data!
Parental Controls, also known as Restrictions, allow you to prevent anyone else from making changes to how you use your data on your iPhone. If you are on a tight data plan or choose not to use data, you can lock the ability to change cellular data or background refresh options. You can rest easy knowing your kids — or anyone else — won't be racking up data charges on your bill.
How to block changes to your accounts, cellular data usage, background app refresh, and volume limits on iPhone and iPad
Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
Tap on General.
Tap on Restrictions.
Tap on Enable Restrictions at the top if they aren't already. If they are, skip to step 7.
Type a 4-digit password that only you will know. Your child should never know this password.
Type the password again to confirm it.
Swipe up to scroll down to the bottom of the screen.
Tap on each of the following categories to change their settings:
Cellular Data Usage
Background App Refresh
Tap on Don't Allow Changes for each one.
When you want to make changes or supervise your child making changes, you can re-enable them in restrictions, then turn them back off again when you're done.
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2 days ago by rgl7194
Thinking Different: Keys to Adopting an iPad-First Workflow – MacStories
There's no shortage of cloud storage options on the iPad, and your only requirement should be picking a service that integrates with iOS' Files app. The default option is iCloud Drive, which comes built-in as part of iOS; alternately, you can download apps for Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, or any other storage provider you prefer. In some cases you may even want to mix and match services – as long as you use Files, separate storage providers essentially just act as folders in the overarching Files ecosystem.
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3 days ago by euler

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