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RT : Does your startup pass muster?? Pearls from Dr. at
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14 days ago by erikpupo
IOTA / Ethereum Summer Camp – Ruuvi Blog
Dozens of talented developers built their real-world IoT business [proof of] business concepts on top of IOTA/Ethereum using Raspberry Pi / HiKey hardware platforms and RuuviTag sensors.
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21 days ago by cyberchucktx
Very nice write-up on the lack of collision resistance in the Curl hash function previously used by the crypt…
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22 days ago by jasiek
My current bag. I'd love feedback as I'm a rookie. - dominates. Equal footing in , , , , t…
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4 weeks ago by Nzeimer
Integrating physical devices with IOTA – Hugo Gregersen – Medium
This beginner’s tutorial is a simple, yet powerful demonstration of using the IOTA protocol for making payments and receiving services from a physical device.
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4 weeks ago by moellus
IOTA experienced as a real idiot – Coinmonks – Medium
IOTA is not your normal everyday bitcoin source code forked blockchain. IOTA is more like that crazy nerd guy from school, really different and you don’t know if he will be a Bill Gates later or just…
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4 weeks ago by orlin
The Framework is a multi-layered set of object oriented libraries for use with the IOTA…
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6 weeks ago by Nzeimer
RT : This article highlights how responded to a story I wrote about them last year. (BTW, I no longer write fo…
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7 weeks ago by pinkpony

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