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Support for ESP32, WebThing API and PlatformIO-style projects.
ESP8266 has been the first board we've been implementing code generation modules for. It can be programmed using Espressifs own ESP-IDF framework, or the Arduino Framework - which makes it really easy to get started quickly. Luckily there's me-no-dev/ESPAsyncWebServer, and the main README speaks about the reason why it's better suited for the task, e.g. because of speed, asynchronous processing, more functionality etc. This device can be connected to Mozilla's Things Gateway as-is. Starting from gateway version 0.4, the gateway allows for adding devices by IP address, so adding makes the LED accessible to the gateway.
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28 minutes ago by cyberchucktx
US military to tech protestors – ‘We’re at war; pick a side’
"The revolt by thousands of Google workers against working with the Pentagon is drawing fierce pushback from the military, rival companies like Amazon and Microsoft, and even some fellow workers."
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yesterday by jonerp
Fear & loathing in the internet of things – designswarm {thoughts}
I don’t want a smart home, I don’t want home automation, I want things that work better because they understand the digital ecology they now exist in.
2 days ago by tamberg
Trying to catch up on media coverage of the Trustable Technology Mark for launch this week…
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