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4 hours ago by ormg
Tetra - Automatic Call Notes
An AI-based notetaker for phone calls. You can tag a spot in the conversation as a marker, and get a summary of the call afterward. I would love to figure out a way to do this with podcasting, getting show notes and markers delivered to me automatically...
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7 hours ago by Jswindle
With TeamViewer 13, sharing your iPhone screen is easier than ever! | iMore
Tired of talking your way through iOS tech support sessions? TeamViewer lets you view remote iOS screens.
So you're a tech support guru, or... you're the go-to tech genius for your friends, family, or anyone in earshot who knows your name. Traditionally remote support on a Mac or PC has been a cakewalk. There are dozens of VNC clients, from Apple's built-in screen sharing to Apple Remote Desktop, Messages' built-in screen sharing, and any number of other apps that allow you to collaborate with others by sharing a computer screen. Remote iOS device support is something else altogether and more akin to a round of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes than actual "support" and much less fun.
With a recent update for TeamViewer, you can now remotely view what is on someone's iPhone or iPad screen using the iPhone's built-in screen recording feature. It's the best workaround remote mobile device screen viewing that's been created so far.
mac  ios  support  remote  screen_sharing 
7 hours ago by rgl7194
An iMessage 'text bomb' is floating around that can freeze your iPhone | iMore
A bug publicly released by a developer can freeze — and possibly crash — your device if you open it in Messages.
According to an article by Nicole Nguyen at Buzzfeed, yesterday afternoon software developer Abraham Masri publicly posted the bug — a security vulnerability called "chaiOS" that he found while attempting to break the operating system via "fuzzing" — to Github. Fuzzing is essentially a way of testing for vulnerabilities that involves putting way too much data into a system in order to crash it.
👋 Effective Power is back, baby!
chaiOS bug:
Text the link below, it will freeze the recipient's device, and possibly restart it.
⚠️ Do not use it for bad stuff.
thanks to @aaronp613 @garnerlogan65 @lepidusdev @brensalsa for testing!
— Abraham Masri (@cheesecakeufo) January 16, 2018
Here's how the bug works according to Buzzfeed's piece:
When someone texts you a link to a website through Messages in iOS, the app generates a preview of the link. Apple's software guidelines allow developers to insert a small amount of characters into their website's HTML to customize the image and title of that link preview. Instead of a small amount of characters, Masri inputted hundreds of thousands of characters into a webpage's metadata, much more than the operating system expects, which Masri suspects is why Messages crashes. He then hosted the bug's code on Github, which made it available for other people to use.
ios  bug  messaging  privacy  security 
8 hours ago by rgl7194
Google Can Use Your Selfie to Find Your Fine Art Doppelgänger
Google’s Art & Culture app has been around since 2016, but the latest update harnesses machine-learning technology for an interesting purpose: it can now help you find your doppelgänger in the art world using a selfie photo.
Once you’ve snapped a selfie with your smartphone, the app will spit out a list of your art lookalikes. There are over 70,000 artworks in the database of the Google Art Project, and the likenesses that it comes up with are quite something.
Currently, the feature seems to only be available in the USA, but if you have access, you can update the app and scroll down to the “Is Your Portrait in a Museum?” link.
Twitter has seen a flood of art doppelgängers being posted online as a result, and here are some of the best.
google  ios  apps  photography  selfie  art 
9 hours ago by rgl7194

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