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Pod · Rethink Calendar
It's time to rethink calendar
calendar  ios 
1 hour ago by zheard
Flipd — The Digital Wellness Company
Flipd nudges you to spend less time on your phone — helping you to be present, productive, and happy. Enjoy life offline with Flipd.
app  block  ios  android  usage  phone  device 
4 hours ago by lgtout
Build a QRCode/Barcode scanning app with 26 lines of JSON
Let’s take a look at how you can implement the QR code feature for your app too.
Like any other features on Jasonette, it’s all built into Jasonette, so you don’t need to do anything. You just need to load a JSON markup that instructs Jasonette to scan QR code.
programming  json  jasonette  ios  android 
6 hours ago by tero
Jasonette - Native App over HTTP
Make iOS and Android apps
with just a single JSON,
loaded over HTTP, local file, or anywhere.
app  ios  json  programming  android 
6 hours ago by tero

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