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simctl - NSHipster
Xcode  development  commands  iOS  iPhone 
1 hour ago by matsuda
The Cadillac of iPhone lens. Battery cases, an iOS photography and videography app.
batterycase  shopping  iPhonography  case  ios  photography  cinematography  Moment  lenses  camera  videography 
8 hours ago by Puddingstone
Apple may alter iPhone production and iOS to dodge China's patent ban
The $799 professional tablet initially benchmarks right between laptops priced at $2,099 to $2,799, a massive step forward for Apple's A12X processors.
intel  macOS  ios  i7  performance  arm  ipad  apple  a12  i5  a10  a12x 
15 hours ago by pkrnjevic
The Metal Framework
Collection of Metal specific 3D programming tutorials with source code
metal  apple  ios  macos  3d  gpu 
20 hours ago by edzard
222: Green Monday, Yellow Wednesday, Purple Thursday
Myke struggles to use Amazon's website, Stephen checks his heartbeat and Federico tinkers with keyboards for the iPad Pro. This episode of Connected is sponsored by: Luna Display: The only hardware solution that turns your iPad into a wireless display for your Mac.
from_shortcuts_app  podcast  ios  ipad 
yesterday by siggiarni

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