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ASTAR program calculates
stopping-power and range tables for helium ions in various materials
hydrogen  data  helium  ions 
6 weeks ago by stahl
Neuron Action Potential simulation
Simulation of neuron - shows all ion channels and ion movements in resting and stimulated neuron plus electrode trace
Y13  neuron  interactive  animation  ions  nerve  actionpotential 
october 2017 by djwilliamsbsk
Claims about Beeswax Candles - negativeions | Ask MetaFilter
Air ionizers use high voltage to do their thing. Candles, on the other hand, not so much with the producing ions as far as I can tell (this is well over my head but "The half-life of the initially produced ion is very short, approximately 10−7 sec, so it is present in only small concentrations" doesn't sound very promising)... in any case it's a certainty that burning wax is going to be putting more contaminants into the air than the ions produced -- if any -- can possibly be removing.
ions  candles 
september 2016 by rufous
Fancy - Ions Magnetic LED Lights
Ions Magnetic LED Lights, May 23, 2012 at 11:48PM, from Fancy / mrsupercool
ifttt  googlereader  Fancy  /  mrsupercool  Ions  Magnetic  LED  Lights  May  23  2012  at  11:48PM 
may 2012 by designmakecreate

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