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Blended Finance in LDCs report - UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF)
The UNCDF report explores how to implement and adapt blended finance approaches to LDCs to maximize their effectiveness in crowding in private capital while minimizing risks, through a rich evidence base, data analysis, and detailed case studies. The report also proposes an Action Agenda to guide decision-makers in their blended finance approaches.
Finance  financing  Blended_Finance  SDGs  Impact  investment  LDC 
3 days ago by weitzenegger
Governor Rossello speaks at the Puerto Rico Investment Summit.
14:30 “We have a key set of incentives that makes us the most competitive jurisdictions in the United States to export services [from], [and] to innovate, ...”

20:24 “We are open for business”

25:30-27:00 Were the Governor talks about Puerto Rico as the Hub of the Human Cloud
facebook  live  video  governor  pr  puerto  rico  rossello  investment  summit  doing  business  from  2019  gov  government  tax  taxes  incentives  incentive 
6 days ago by yencarnacion
Klienci indywidualni - PKO Bank Polski
Darmowa aplikacja IKO i obsługa konta przez internet. Nasi klienci mają już ponad 3 mln aktywnych aplikacji IKO. Szybka pożyczka gotówkowa z możliwością otrzymania gotówki w dniu złożenia wniosku.
banking  finance  savings  investment  poland 
6 days ago by asaltydog
Earnest Capital | Early-stage funding for founders
funding and mentorship for bootstrappers, indie hackers, and makers; particularly interested in SaaS, e-commerce, and scalable online education
startups  funding  vc  investment  bootstrap 
7 days ago by tobym
Safe Withdrawal Rates
A detailed analysis of how much you can spend based on a retirement nest egg. Not sure I agree with all of it, but it's a very thorough framework.
money  finance  investment  tootme  retirement 
7 days ago by nelson

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