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Julia La Roche on Twitter: "QUESTION TO CHARLIE MUNGER: Why is Warren [Buffett] richer? MUNGER: He got an earlier start, probably worked harder, little smarter. There are a lot of reasons. Why is Albert Einstein poorer than I was?"
QUESTION TO CHARLIE MUNGER: Why is Warren [Buffett] richer?

MUNGER: He got an earlier start, probably worked harder, little smarter. There are a lot of reasons. Why is Albert Einstein poorer than I was?
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Even God Couldn't Beat Dollar-Cost Averaging – Of Dollars And Data
Logically, it seems like Buy the Dip can’t lose.  If you know when you are at a bottom, you can always buy at the cheapest price relative to the all-time highs in that period.  However, if you actually run this strategy you will see that Buy the Dip underperforms DCA over 70% of the time.  This is true despite the fact that you know exactly when the market will hit a bottom.  Even God couldn’t beat dollar-cost averaging. 
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There Are 2 Vacant Investor-Owned Homes for Every Homeless Person in America
According to ATTOM, 76 percent of all vacant homes in America are owned by investors — amounting to approximately 1.1 million vacant residential investment properties. Many of these vacant homes are in economically distressed Rust Belt cities with high poverty rates, like Detroit, Michigan, neighboring Flint, and Youngstown, Ohio. The states with the highest investment property vacancy rate also have high poverty rates. Michigan leads the pack with 10.3 percent vacancy, Indiana at 9.8 percent, Alabama at 6.9 percent, and Mississippi at 6.6 percent.

Meanwhile, in December of 2017, the Associated Press reported that homelessness increased in America for the first time since 2010 — the height of the Great Recession. 2017 data from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development showed that local counts of homeless Americans reached approximately 554,000 nationwide, which is a 1 percent increase from 2016 (and roughly half of the number of vacant residential investment properties in America today). Approximately one-third of those counted as homeless had no access to nightly shelters and were sleeping on streets, and in vehicles and tents.
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How to Wreck a Pension Plan in 3 Easy Steps
The study was meant to decipher whether it was asset allocation or market timing and security selection that drove portfolio performance. The conclusion showed that more than 90%of a portfolio’s long-term variation in return was explained by its asset allocation, leaving only a small amount that can be explained by an investor’s ability to time the market or successfully choose individual securities.
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