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I interviewed at six top companies in Silicon Valley in six days, and stumbled into six job offers
In a six-weekday period in August, I interviewed at LinkedIn, Yelp, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google and got all six offers. Here’s what I learned and what I wish I knew before I started.
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In a six-weekday period in August, I interviewed at LinkedIn, Yelp, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google and got all six offers. Here’s what I learned and what I wish I knew before I started.
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UltraTechnology tape #1-2
Transcript of Chuck Moore on OKAD and the P21 Microprocessor. Demonstrates the CAD program.
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Episode 8: Interview with Ryan Dahl, Creator of Node.js - Mapping The Journey
Ryan Dahl is a Software Engineer working at Google Brain. He is the creator of Node.js, JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. Currently, he is working on deep learBrowserifyning research projects. His focus is mostly on image-to-image transformations like colorization and super-resolution. He has contributed to several open source projects including HTTP Parser, libuv.

Pramod: Hello People. Welcome to mapping the journey. When we hear about Node.js, it’s Ryan Dahl. He showed us that we are doing I/O completely wrong and also taught us how to build software using pure async programming model. Today’s guest is the man himself Ryan Dahl, hacker, brilliant programmer and creator of Node. I am very excited and honored to have you on the show. Welcome Ryan
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