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From Memes to Infowars: How 75 Fascist Activists Were “Red-Pilled” - bellingcat
Link: "From Memes to Infowars: How 75 Fascist Activists Were “Red-Pilled”" #interhacktives
politics  internet 
6 hours ago by nathanwentworth
Internet Relay Chat Turns 30—and We Remember How It Changed Our Lives - SoylentNews
Internet Relay Chat Turns 30—and We Remember How It Changed Our Lives -- article related to /dev/random and The Main Page.
irc  chat  internet  history 
8 hours ago by pankkake
Your Medical Data Might Become A Moneymaker. How Could You Profit? : Shots - Health News : NPR
Hospitals are increasingly using the huge amount of medical data they collect for research. It's a business worth billions of dollars. When a company profits from your data, should you get a cut?
Internet  advertising  datamining  npr  bigdata 
yesterday by jorgebarba
The Asynchronous Life – OnMyOm: Om‘s Blog
"I have not felt this nourished in a long time. I have started to create every day. Suddenly the words are flowing. I don’t need to influence, I just need to be. Asynchronous!"
creativity  internet  post 
yesterday by np
Fat Protocols | Union Square Ventures
This is the one with the "value captured" graph showing the protocol-level's growing role in value add.
bitcoin  blockchain  ethereum  internet 
yesterday by philgomes

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