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Alum Rafael Delacruz's Art Featured in Stockholm
BLOUIN ART INFO -- Rafael Delacruz (born 1989, San Francisco) lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. His work has been included in group and two person exhibitions at Museum of Contemporary Art, Santa Barbara; Cheim and Read, New York; Shoot The Lobster, Los Angeles; The Loon, Toronto; Pilar Corrias, London; American Medium, Brooklyn; The Journal Gallery, Brooklyn; and Oakland Museum of Art, among others. Delacruz holds a bachelor’s degree in film theory from San Francisco State University.
cine  alumni  international 
12 hours ago by sfstatelca
The Future of Digital Student Recruitment in China
As the global market continues to evolve, so too does the educational and digital landscape of China, and the tactics required to achieve continuing success there. Schools have to remain up to date with the latest trends and happenings in China’s unique online ecosystem, economic factors that might influence student decision-making, and the international policies and developments that might influence the flow of Chinese applicants.
international  recruitment  higher-education-marketing  digital-marketing  china 
3 days ago by lnidoh
Digital Modern Languages Tutorial Writing Sprint | Language Acts and Worldmaking
The Digital Modern Languages tutorial writing sprint is a physical and virtual event designed to create a variety of open educational resources demonstrating the critical use of digital tools and methods for teachers, learners and researchers interested in modern languages and cultures. 
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8 days ago by asandersgarcia
Trumpism’s Global Strategy | Portside
In short, the U.S. has been losing – and Trump promises that his “America First” policies will make it win.

This is a powerful narrative that taps into the anxieties and prejudices of large swaths of a U.S. population who sense that the U.S. global power is slipping; who see peoples of different colors and religions from themselves growing in numbers and strength; and who are tired of losing loved ones in fruitless foreign wars. And this MAGA tale has the advantage of tactical flexibility in that it can be used to justify retrenchments and withdrawals as well as the massive use of military force, while fostering national/racial chauvinism and hostility towards other countries in either case. For Trump, it seems the only other countries deserving of some respect are those governed by right-wing racist and/or authoritarian regimes that, like him, despise international rules and get what they want by using force whenever they can get away with it.
Trump  international  state  Violence_y_Power  Power_in_America  Political_leadership  Pol.12 
9 days ago by Jibarosoy
Top 10 Countries with Largest National Debt-to-GDP in 2018
Debt-to-GDP ranking is: Japan, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus, Bhutan, Belgium, USA, Spain, Singapore
international  monhon  Business/Econ/Tax  business  econ  tax 
10 days ago by gorillaBraun
How the CIA's Bags of Cash Undermined the Afghanistan War
From 2001-13 the CIA made monthly cash payments to Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai
Afghanistan  Iraq  war  cia  idiot!  international 
11 days ago by gorillaBraun
Belarusian model: I gave info on Trump to Russian tycoon
Dumb cunt wealthy-man seducer who in the past I heard got detained in Thailand and who owned recordings of Russian Foreign Minister Deripaska, ended up giving recordings to Deripaska in return for deportation from Thailand and security in Russia, which was exactly similar to the offering of FBI.
international  russia  russian  women 
12 days ago by gorillaBraun

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