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A not so quick look at QuickLook is coming in Volume I - Finally coming out next week!
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5 days ago by mnem
How JavaScript works: memory management + how to handle 4 common memory leaks
A few weeks ago we started a series aimed at digging deeper into JavaScript and how it actually works: we thought that by knowing the building blocks of JavaScript and how they come to play together…
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18 days ago by aghecht
How JavaScript works: an overview of the engine, the runtime, and the call stack
As JavaScript is getting more and more popular, teams are leveraging its support on many levels in their stack - front-end, back-end, hybrid apps, embedded devices and much more. This post is meant…
javascript  internals 
18 days ago by aghecht
The Book of the Runtime (BOTR)
Welcome to the Book of the Runtime (BOTR) for the .NET Runtime. This contains a collection of articles about the non-trivial internals of the .NET Runtime. Its intended audience are people actually modifying the code or simply wishing to have a deep understanding of the runtime.
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24 days ago by dlb

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