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2017 was California’s largest and most destructive fire season in a decade - Washington Post
Nice data illustration (showing boundaries of various fires next to outline of DC) at the top, and a nicely-executed "see the boundaries of the Thomas fire over your hometown" interactive
interactive  map  california  wildfire  datavis  mapping 
4 hours ago by alykat
VR training for car assembly workers might work, but it's like a game
The HTC Vive Focus allows companies to use virtual reality for business. One company is making factory training simulations for Volkswagen.
VR  work  interactive  learning 
yesterday by basemaly
Together with the Institute for the Future of the Book I produced this website as a way to think about games. We released Version 1.1 back in 2006. Based on the many thoughtful and careful comments people made on it, I revised Gamer Theory and came up with Version 2.0, which is available here.
games  gametheory  interactive  publishing 
4 days ago by basemaly
Game Design Program focuses on making students interactive | The Daily Illini
Going from the Slavic Department to the School of Information Science may seem like a huge academic jump for anyone, but for Judith Pintar, it was meant to be. “My own research is within the game and game design narratives, with storytelling as a focus,” Pintar said. “I was a game designer before I went...
games  interactive  university  education 
4 days ago by basemaly
Random Studio — SUN
This interactive installation was made in collaboration with artist Philip Schütte and turns one of nature’s most mediated phenomenas – the rising and setting of the sun – into a playful sensory experience.
interactive  space 
5 days ago by stacker

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