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Franco Vaccari | MOSTYN
Leave on the Walls a Photographic Trace of Your Fleeting Visit (1972), included in the exhibition, typifies the spirit of Vaccari’s practice perfectly. Conceived for the 1972 Venice Biennale, it originally consisted of a Photomatic kiosk exhibited in the gallery space and an instruction in four languages (within the title of the work) which prompted the audience to use the kiosk and then affix their photo-strip to the wall. Vaccari followed up this work with a second version in 2010, which he produced for the Gwangju Biennale, with exactly the same set of conditions. As in the previous edition, it encouraged the participation of the audience and for them to contribute to a growing, ever sprawling display that ultimately made a portrait not only of the audience but also of the activity of the exhibition itself. This exhibition atMOSTYN introduces a selection of photo-strips from the large number that these two earlier versions generated – the 1972 edition resulted in around 6000 alone.

Another significant work by Vaccari included in this exhibition is titled Photomatic D’Italia (1972-4), and was subsequently developed after the piece in Venice. Stemming from an invitation from the Italian Government to make use of all Photomatic kiosks operating in Italy – around 1,000 kiosks in total – this piece allowed his earlier investigation to leave the confines of the gallery space, entering the public realm and available for use around the clock.

In addition to these works, there will be a display of Vaccari’s books, which are both catalogues of the earlier projects, and artworks in themselves.
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16 days ago by jonippolito
Psychologists have been watching us on the subway. Here's what they've learned.
The authors attributed the results not to rudeness but to the overabundance of information available to process—as they put it, “interpersonal overload leads to social withdrawal.”
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16 days ago by akamediasystem
UX Design Courses & Global UX Community | Interaction Design Foundation
Online UX design courses and literature created by design experts. Don Norman: "A goldmine of information on interaction design."
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17 days ago by dholland
How to Report Errors in Forms: 10 Design Guidelines
Summary: Help users recover from errors by clearly identifying the problems and allowing users to access and correct erroneous fields easily.

1. Aim for inline validation
2. Indicate successful entry
3. Keep error messages next to fields. (8. don’t show errors only summaries at the top of the page)
4. Use colour to distinguish errors from normal field states
5. Add icons or subtle animation for easy scanning
6. Avoid confirmation dialogs
7. Don’t validate fields before input is complete
9. Don’t use tooltips to report errors
10. Provide extra help for repeated errors
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