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Intel debuts cheap and cheerful 'Gemini Lake' Celeron and Pentium chips
No breaking any molds, Intel has still got a befuddling CPU naming convention, with the both the Pentium Silver and new Celeron chip effectively running on the base architecture that Intel uses for its Atom chips - now being targeted at Internet of things devices. But the Pentium family also has an older Gold CPU which runs on the higher-powered Kaby lake generation Core architecture; how Intel's engineers can work with such headaches is anyone's guess.
intel  cpu 
19 hours ago by jasonsamuels
A Beginners' Guide to x86-64 Instruction Encoding - SysTutorials
"A Beginners' Guide to x86-64 Instruction Encoding tagged asm, binary, encoding, gcc, Howto, Linux, Programming, Tutorial, x64, x86-64."
intel  programming  assembly 
4 days ago by gavin
Firmware-Bug: Codeausführung in deaktivierter Intel-ME möglich -
Wie bereits vor Monaten von den Forschern angekündigt, können sie auf der Version 11 der ME über einen lokalen Exploit beliebigen unsignierten Code ausführen. Die Forscher zeigten in einem Demovideo, wie sie damit einen Rechner komplett übernehmen können.
intel  security  insecurity  hack  hardware 
4 days ago by jchris
Intel® Software Guard Extensions (SGX): A Researcher’s Primer
There is a new set of features coming to Intel CPUs that have massive potential for cloud security and other applications such as DRM.
intel  sgx  research 
5 days ago by jingwei
iMac Pro to include A10 processor? - Six Colors
As discovered by Steve Troughton-Smith and Jonathan Levin and reported by 9to5 Mac, it looks likely that the iMac Pro—which Apple announced in June and said would ship by the end of the year—may contain an A10 processor.
It looks like the idea here is to boot the Mac into “BridgeOS” on the A10 first, then start up the Intel processor and give it firmware to load. In other words, the A10 would be the gatekeeper of the entire boot process. If so, this could lead to improved security on the Mac, and possibly make it much harder to run macOS on PC hardware in the future.

The A10 also includes a Secure Enclave, so it could potentially increase the security of operations on the Mac and potentially point to future support of Face ID on new Mac hardware. (But not the iMac Pro, if this report is accurate, because presumably the A11 inside the iPhone X is required for Face ID.)
a10  a11  arm  cpu  intel  imac  mac  macintosh  macpro  spunti  OS  bridgeos 
6 days ago by nicoladagostino
​Computer vendors start disabling Intel Management Engine | ZDNet
Intel has admitted that its in-chip Intel Management Engine program has major security holes. Some PC vendors are now disabling Management Engine to protect their customers.
hardware  intel  insecurity 
7 days ago by jchris

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