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carnival-android-sdk/AndroidManifest.xml at master · carnivalmobile/carnival-android-sdk
An example project for the Carnival Mobile Android SDK - carnivalmobile/carnival-android-sdk
carnival  integration  example  project  manifest  android 
20 hours ago by lgtout
appboy-android-sdk/AndroidManifest.xml at master · Appboy/appboy-android-sdk
Public repo for the Braze Android SDK. Contribute to Appboy/appboy-android-sdk development by creating an account on GitHub.
appboy  braze  integration  example  project  manifest 
20 hours ago by lgtout
Android: Updating to Version 6 · Sailthru Mobile Developer Documentation
The Sailthru Mobile Developer Documentation contains information about the iOS, Android, Unity and Cordova SDKs. It also details setting up Push Notifications, Collecting Data and Messaging Users.
carnival  firebase  fcm  integration  documentation  android 
21 hours ago by lgtout
Trends in the Current DAM Market and the Implications For 2019 — Digital Asset Management News
A related issue is the supply-side scalability of many DAM vendor’s businesses.  During the course of 2018, I have encountered several vendors who turned down major opportunities which they would have won due to a combination of the perceived complexity of the client’s configuration requirements and their own lack of resources.  The firms who replaced them were (in some cases) the client’s second or even third choice.
DAM  trend  integration 
21 hours ago by euler
CPQ Needs To Scale And Support Smarter, More Connected Products
"Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platforms has the potential of providing a single, unified data model across an entire manufacturing operation, giving manufacturers a single unified view of product configurations across their lifecycles. Producing smart, connected products at scale also requires a system capable of presenting a unified view of configurations in the linguistics each department can understand. Engineering, production, marketing, sales, and service all need a unique view of product configurations to keep producing new products. Leaders in this field include Configit and their Configuration Lifecycle Management approach to CPQ and product configuration."
business  featured  posts  technology  software  trends  &  concepts  cad  configit  configuration  lifecycle  management  configure  price  quote  cpq  crm  integration 
yesterday by jonerp
Synadia - Connect Everything
A global communications system built on NGS is easy to use, secure by default, and globally available in all major cloud providers.
messaging  networking  service  communication  integration 
4 days ago by liqweed
Ecommerce Analytics, Metrics & Reports - SavvyCube
Analytics and reports to help you grow your ecommerce business. Get insights into your sales, products, customers, markering channels, and more.
module  stats  integration  magento  magento2  saas  statistics  stat 
14 days ago by arioch1984

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