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8 hours ago by oliverhilder
Market strategies and core capabilities in the building industry.: EBSCOhost
in-depth case studies examining 'core business' strategy approach with review of quasi-firms
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4 days ago by oliverhilder
Why local state is a fundamental primitive in stream processing - O'Reilly Media
Another type of join is for “enrichment” of an incoming stream — perhaps you want to take an incoming stream of ad clicks and join on attributes about the user (perhaps for use in downstream aggregations). In this case, you want an index of the user attributes so that when a click arrives you can join on the appropriate user attributes.
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7 days ago by janpeuker
Stream Processing Hard Problems Part II: Data Access | LinkedIn Engineering
Using a remote store: This is the traditional model for building applications. Here, when an application needs to process an event, it makes a remote call to a separate SQL or No-SQL database. In this model, write operations are always remote calls, but reads can be performed on a local cache in certain scenarios. There are a large number of applications at LinkedIn that fall into this category.  

Another pattern is to use a remote cache (e.g., Couchbase) that is fronting a remote database (e.g., Oracle). If the remote cache is used primarily for reading adjunct data, then applications use an Oracle change capture stream (using Databus) to populate the remote cache.  

Using a local (embedded) store: This is not the traditional model. The idea here is that the state required for processing the events is co-located on the same hosts (machines) where the events are processed. In essence all state access is local, and hence, highly efficient.

Samza has first-class support for using a local embedded database. Samza supports embedding RocksDB into your event processor. This state is backed up by a Kafka log compacted topic, which allows the state to be resilient against any machine failures.   
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7 days ago by janpeuker
A graphical programming language/environment, also claims to be a Wysiwyg environment for data processing. Looks superficially similar to NoFlo, although I don't recall the latter offering round-trippable text-based equivalent. Luna may also have more focus on functional paradigm and static typing too, although I've only spent 5 mins glancing over so it's hard to be sure.
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8 days ago by jdwaterson

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