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High Performance Thermal Insulation - Thermablok Aerogel
Thermablok Aerogel is a flexible, nanoporous aerogel blanket insulation that reduces energy loss whilst conserving interior space in residential and commercial…
materials  science  building  heating  engineering  aerogel  thermal  insulation 
yesterday by asaltydog
JIOS Aerogel
JIOS AeroVa®, the finest grade silica aerogel powder available, produced with revolutionary efficiency by an in-house patented process delivering the lowest cost worldwide.
materials  science  building  heating  engineering  aerogel  thermal  insulation  hydrophobic  powder 
yesterday by asaltydog
Dry Ice Safety: Ventilation and Insulation
Dry ice needs ventilation and insulation at the same time. How can this be?
dry-ice  ventilation  insulation 
12 days ago by Adventure_Web
How to Insulate Ductwork | This Old House
This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey helps a homeowner insulate his ductwork
homeimprovement  insulation 
18 days ago by jccalhoun
A radiative cooling structural material | Science
using boiling hydrogen peroxide, these researchers reduced/compressed wood by removing the lignin, making an engineered wood with interesting properties, such as high strength. The kicker is that the white material is also a narrowband IR emitter tuned to dump heat to space through the atmospheric windows, so it can cool you in broad daylight.
engineered  wood  lignin  removal  narrowband  IR  emitter  atmospheric  window  insulation  cooling  subambient 
28 days ago by asteroza
Stronger than aluminum, a heavily altered wood cools passively | Ars Technica
The researchers estimate that covering an apartment building with the treated wood could save about 35 percent of the energy used for cooling. In a dense urban setting, that number goes up to over half. Plus, it also has the strength to handle some of the internal structure of the building. And while forestry can create environmental issues, it is certainly possible to manage it in a way that is sustainable.

All of which makes the wood—the researchers refer to it as "cooling wood"—a very promising looking material. So it's no surprise to see that three of the team members behind the new paper have a patent out to commercialize the tech.
architecture  insulation  energy  wood 
29 days ago by euler
Keep Your Feet Warm With This.. "Quick Trick" - YouTube
Great hack for cold feet even inside "insulated" winter boots; I'm going to try this!
winter  woods  hack  cold  insulation  video  boot  ice  snow 
4 weeks ago by csrollyson

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