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Samsung’s Galaxy S10 has a built-in Instagram mode
It’s an interesting partnership, and mutually beneficial for both parties. For some, it could signal a kind of return to pre-loaded bloatware, but at least in the case of Instagram, the app is virtually ubiquitous for most users at this point anyway. The mode got a brief demo onstage today — it’s pretty much what you’d expect out of the thing, bringing filters directly to the camera software and letting you upload straight to service without leaving Samsung’s default camera software.
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22 hours ago by motiveunknown
Instagram Sees Money In Fundraisers |
Facebook‘s Instagram is planning to launch a Fundraiser sticker this year.
Sources have reported that new code and imagery found in Instagram’s Android app show how a user can search for nonprofits or browse through collections of suggested charities. Once a charity is selected, the user can then place a Donate button sticker on their Instagram Story so that followers can click on it to contribute.

And once a person has sent funds to the charity, Instagram can then enable instant checkout on items purchased using the same payment information used to make the donation.
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Social media detox: Christina Farr quits Instagram, Facebook
Christina Farr used to spend 5 hours a week posting and interacting with friends on Instagram. She quit cold this summer, and her life changed dramatically for the better. 
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EyeZone Films (@eyezonefilms) • Instagram photos and videos
Independent filmmakers specialize in human subjects with a cause
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