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Very excited for this piece from & , though I only speak & émonGO is a foreign tong…
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14 days ago by qdot
kops/addons/kube-ingress-aws-controller at master · kubernetes/kops · GitHub
Kubernetes Operations (kops) - Production Grade K8s Installation, Upgrades, and Management - kubernetes/kops
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23 days ago by fcabras
RT : お待たせしました!Niantic, Inc.の新しいスマートフォン向けリアルワールド・ゲーム✨ Prime ✨の提供が始まりました。
本日よりApp StoreおよびGoogle Playから無料でダウンロード…
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5 weeks ago by H.Tomita
Niantic revives ‘Ingress’ for the post–’Pokémon Go’ world
Then there's the issue of what to do with all of Ingress' existing players, who are going to feel aggrieved at losing up to six years' worth of game. Those who want to carry over their existing account (and status) can do so, but the company would prefer that they start over.
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5 weeks ago by emkay
So I'm scouting out the Westmount Sports Park for and have discovered not just this awesome climbing hummi…
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8 weeks ago by dscassel

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