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Dropbox traffic infrastructure: Edge network
In this post we will describe the Edge network part of Dropbox traffic infrastructure. This is an extended transcript of our NginxConf 2018 presentation.
infrastructure  networking  performance  distributed 
7 hours ago by lenciel
Digital Democracy: An Illustrated Rant — Ron Morrison
Digital Democracy is an illustrated comic investigating contemporary understandings of democracy within digital infrastructures. It argues for an understanding of infrastructure as both social and technical and highlights the work of community organizations in Redhook using technology to work together.
democracy  infrastructure  illustration  internet  mesh  networks 
yesterday by shannon_mattern
Global Emancipation Network tackles human trafficking crisis with Splunk
"Splunk is putting its skills to good use with the Global Emancipation Network’s efforts to expose human traffickers and choke off their business"
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  architecture 
2 days ago by jonerp
New York's Frighteningly Fragile Subway System
Clive Thompson writes, in 2005, about coming troubles for the NYC transit system. Sample: "A more serious, everyday concern associated with water is that it can short out corroded parts of the electrical systems, including that age-old relay wire made famous by the A-and-C fiasco. The Bergen Street fire, too, emerged from a combination of water damage and old wires. Subway workers complain they’ve been forced to construct ad hoc devices to prevent water-related electrical fires. "
infrastructure  transportation  nyc 
2 days ago by jbushnell
SAP Customer Experience CTO explains why YaaS was retired in favour of Cloud Platform Extension Factory
"Moritz Zimmermann admits that SAP got it wrong initially, mistaking YaaS For a start-up development platform, when in fact, it’s enterprises that want to make use of microservices in the cloud. "
cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  and  architecture 
3 days ago by jonerp
The untold story of Stripe, the secretive $20bn startup driving Apple, Amazon and Facebook
When Berners-Lee and his team were building the world wide web and designing HTTP and HTMP standards, they included error codes such as “500: internal server error”, or “404: page not found”. In the early 90s, they were trying to realise Licklider’s vision and setting out the rules for how we were all going to interact over this information network. One long-standing error code is “402: payment required”. The original intention – the reason 402 is reserved for future use – was that this code would be used to transact digital cash or micropayments. It has never been implemented – and the Collisons argue this is the reason tech is turning from an equal access opportunity to an oligopoly controlled by five companies now worth more than $3 trillion.
infrastructure  money  hope 
3 days ago by Qkn7Ua6K9289pPqt4689
It was raining in the data center
“Although the actual paths of fiber-optic cables are considered state and company secrets, it is not unlikely that most or all of the Facebook facility’s data runs along this route. In The Prehistory of the Cloud, Tung-Hui Hu describes the origin of private data service with telecommunications giant Sprint (Southern Pacific Railroad Internal Network), which sold excess fiber-optic bandwidth along train lines to consumers beginning in 1978. He goes on to state in the same text, that “virtually all traffic on the US Internet runs across the same routes established in the 19th century”.”
military  geography  usa  oregon  internet  infrastructure  facebook 
4 days ago by mike
Maersk Invests in Freight-Booking Startup Loadsmart - WSJ
A.P. Moeller-Maersk AMKBY -3.07% A/S is investing in U.S. freight-booking startup Loadsmart Inc. as the container shipping giant works to extend its services beyond maritime transportation.

Maersk’s venture investment arm is leading a $21.6 million Series A funding round for Loadsmart, together with Connor Capital SB and Chromo Invest. Maersk said its stake in the New York-based company provides “huge potential” for integrating its ocean-shipping services with Loadsmart’s trucking technology.

The startup, which focuses on booking full-truckload shipments for such shippers as Daimler AG , Anheuser-Busch InBev SA and Electrolux AB, says it will use the funds primarily to reach new customers.
logistics  software  infrastructure 
4 days ago by shannon_mattern
GitHub - inspec/inspec: InSpec
InSpec: Auditing and Testing Framework for infrastructure.
rspec  infrastructure 
5 days ago by raygrasso

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