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How to Find Hidden Cameras and Spy Bugs (The Professional Way) - Sentel Tech Security
How to Find Hidden Cameras and Spy Bugs (The Professional Way) is an in depth guide on how to find and identify hidden cameras, GPS trackers, and secret audio bugs. The guide uses techniques that anyone can use, along with some low cost detectors that will find most any covert bug
surveillanceware  surveillance  spyware  hidden.device  privacy  security  cameras  guide  detection  infrared  rfi 
4 hours ago by po
Raspberry Pi Zero Universal Remote: 27 Steps (with Pictures)
Raspberry Pi Zero Universal Remote: Build a universal remote control with web interface using a Raspberry Pi, LIRC, and just a few components. I needed one because the remote in my house tends to go missing a lot. My mother-in-law's remote for her cable box broke and I don't know wh...
raspberrypi  infrared 
5 weeks ago by wkorfhage

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