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RT : This is a beautiful way to teach people about frequencies and distributions
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• Infographics | Statista
Statistics and Studies from more than 22,500 Sources
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Algorithmic art shows what the machine sees | FlowingData
Algorithmic art shows what the machine sees by Nathan Yau via FlowingData
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Tissot's indicatrix - Wikipedia
“In cartography, a Tissot's indicatrix (Tissot indicatrix, Tissot's ellipse, Tissot ellipse, ellipse of distortion) (plural: "Tissot's indicatrices") is a mathematical contrivance presented by French mathematician Nicolas Auguste Tissot in 1859 and 1871 in order to characterize local distortions due to map projection.”

Tissot projected circles on the globe and demonstrated how these became ellipses in flat map projections.

The distortions on the maps become immediately evident – an excellent piece of information design. Reminds me of Edward Tufte.

Includes a good set of example illustrations.
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9 days ago by metaproof

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