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Why it’s worth it to invest in internal docs
“Proprietary data is precious to technology companies, yet some of the most valuable data lives solely in the minds of engineers.”
documentation  increment 
september 2018 by jasdev
Increment magazine
A print and digital magazine about how teams build and operate software systems at scale. Run by Stripe people with stories from other companies.
it  devops  magazine  development  ops  increment  software  oncall  inspiration  stripe 
december 2017 by marek-saji
Customize Magento 2 Order Increment ID - Classy Llama
Learn how to customize Magento 2 Increment ID for orders, invoices, credit memos, shipments, and more with this Magento development tutorial.
Inbox  magento2  order  increment  id  howto  change  modify  Coding  Magento 
september 2017 by arioch1984
SQLite Autoincrement
In SQLite, table rows normally have a 64-bit signed integer ROWID which is unique among all rows in the same table. (WITHOUT ROWID tables are the exception.)

You can access the ROWID of an SQLite table using one of the special column names ROWID, _ROWID_, or OID. Except if you declare an ordinary table column to use one of those special names, then the use of that name will refer to the declared column not to the internal ROWID.

If a table contains a column of type INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, then that column becomes an alias for the ROWID.
sqlite  auto  increment 
july 2017 by mkbucc
Python: How can I increment a char? - Stack Overflow
>>> ord('c')
>>> ord('c') + 1
>>> chr(ord('c') + 1)

>>> bstr = b'abc'
>>> bstr[0]
>>> bytes([97, 98, 99])
>>> bytes([bstr[0] + 1, 98, 99])
python  increment  a  char  character 
may 2017 by theskett
Increment: On-Call
Online magazine on software practices
magazine  devops  development  ops  increment  software 
may 2017 by mzyk83

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