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Elite Colleges Make Low-Income Students Feel Unwelcome - The Atlantic
Unwritten rules underlie all of elite-university life—and students who don’t come from a wealthy background have a hard time navigating them.
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5 days ago by po
Reality check: life behind Insta-glam image of social media ‘influencers’ | Money | The Guardian
While regularly seen dressed in on-trend menswear, Bunker is actually on a modest freelance income of about £30,000, with most stemming from social media, blog posts and guest talks.
blog  blogging  instagram  influencer  freelance  income  guardian  mediatraining 
6 days ago by noodlepie
Video Information Producer Does Having Video On A Website Really Improve SEO Rankings.
Search Engine Optimization Strategies Search Engine Optimization Strategies Every modern business is recognizing the positive impacts of search engine optimization strategies and features to be included in their web business sites. This amazing technique is well proven to make web business pages friendly to popular search engines to gain a higher page rank and draw …
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10 days ago by global.dwellers
What People Get Most Wrong About Unconditional Basic Income (UBI)
UBI is a floor, not a ceiling. Without a disincentive to work, the incentive to work then rests on the shoulders of those offering the work.
universal  basic  income  ubi  economics  work  tax 
13 days ago by markhgn
13 Best Books on Passive Income
These Books Can Take Your Passive Income to the Next Level

#passiveincome #income
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14 days ago by famousbrownbear
Dollar Street
At quick glance - How much families live on monthly across the world. Whoa. HT Tomorrow newsletter by Today.
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26 days ago by djtrischler

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