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RT : Stumbled upon this graphic from . It's a great visual representation of what looks like.
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just now by springfeld
Inclusion At Work
Blog on how to be better at diversity and inclusion
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3 hours ago by mzyk83
RT : Ya era hora !! 😍 El 2019 traerá los primeros emojis relacionados con personas con discapacidad.
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14 days ago by tguemes
Inclusive New Emoji Include Prosthetic Arms and Legs
There's a conversation going on @mitmuseum about inclusive design & how a museum as small of ours can improve its practice while not overburdening the team. Any pointers to resources? Social signals, like these emoji, are nice, but what are pragmatic steps we can take now? #musesocial #musetech
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15 days ago by davidnunez
Cyd Harrell on Twitter: "I was in the leadership of SF Women on the Web 98-2000. we saw an absolute bloodbath of members' HTML jobs in the crash, largely women who (like everyone then) had self-taught; so many of those women left the industry (& of course
I was in the leadership of SF Women on the Web 98-2000. we saw an absolute bloodbath of members' HTML jobs in the crash, largely women who (like everyone then) had self-taught; so many of those women left the industry (& of course the industry went all in on CS degrees next wave)
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18 days ago by beep
Badge Reviews
Guidelines for making good conference badges
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18 days ago by nelson

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