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BirthTools | Tools to Optimize Outcomes of Labor Safely
BirthTOOLS presents the evidence and offers targeted resources, protocols and other materials to assist clinicians and health care systems in implementing best practices that promote physiologic birth.

To encourage all professionals involved in maternity care to implement process improvements that support, promote and facilitate physiologic birththrough dissemination of actionable resources, case studies and examples.

Taken together, these valuable resources on the BirthTOOLS site have been compiled and collated to make it easy for maternity care professionals to implement the changes that are needed to improve spontaneous birth rates in the United States.
birth  obgyn  midwife  protocol  labor  quality  safety  improvement  toolkit 
6 days ago by pgorrindo
Sometimes Not Working Is Work, Too
Trust that not working is integral to doing good, sustainable work.
burnout  work  improvement  science 
26 days ago by sei
Retention, Growth and CX Expectations - by @barnes_hank
"But is there an answer–something that you can do with accounts to drive growth without sacrificing retention. There is. It is helping customers improve. How do you do that? You provide unique perspectives that can help their business be ore efficient or effective. You provide depth to those perspectives by outlining how those actions can be taken. And you focus on the impact, the ROI, of those efforts."
future  of  sales  go-to-market  customer  experience  improvement  cx  growth  retention 
26 days ago by jonerp
Home Design Tips To Beat The Summer Heat
On the east coast, summers can be brutal. Home improvements can be daunting because of the brutal heat and it may be hard to find joy in summer.
home  design  improvement  tips 
4 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
Confessions of a Community College Dean: The Evaluation Conundrum
The Evaluation Conundrum by Dean Dad ( via Confessions of a Community College Dean
Education  improvement  assessment  IFTTT 
5 weeks ago by pmdpmd
David Mitchell: what my son's autism has taught me | Society | The Guardian
‘Hurry!’ came the advice following diagnosis. ‘Save your child from autism before it’s too late!’ But how do you save your child from something when you don’t know what that something is?
identity  improvement 
6 weeks ago by bazbt3
How To Choose A Back Door
While almost everyone spends time dreaming of their perfect front door to add curb appeal and charm to their home, most homeowners completely skip over thinking about their back door.
back  door  home  improvement 
6 weeks ago by Adventure_Web

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