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Lesson One: How much of your career is running to stay in the same spot?
Lesson One: How much of your career is running to stay in the same spot? by Scott Young via Scott H Young
Productivity  success  improvement  IFTTT 
3 days ago by pmdpmd
(1) My LMS Mini Mill | The Hobby-Machinist Forums
I decided to finally post the mods I made on my LMS Mill, even though it's a few year old now.

I ordered my mill with the power feed they offer, and...
minimill  column  flex  improvement 
10 days ago by adragomir
model engineering, wildlife photography, astronomy, things to make and do
minimill  column  flex  improvement 
10 days ago by adragomir
SHORTCUT-O-MATIC: A Simple Exercise That Will Improve Your Life Immediately
About a year ago I wrote an article about a simple exercise I created to help teams solve problems without discussion. It was called “Lightning Decision Jam” and it became a surprisingly huge hit…
procrastination  improvement  productivity  decision-making 
23 days ago by pingpongpao
Wall Paneling For Less |
Wall Paneling : Add a touch of modern style to your home with wall paneling. Free Shipping on orders over $45!
home  improvement 
28 days ago by vwremglx
Performance Trends in AI
Deep learning has revolutionized the world of artificial intelligence. But how much does it improve performance?  How have computers gotten better at different tasks over time, since the rise of deep learning?
analysis  artificial  intelligence  performance  improvement  acceleration  machine  deep  learning 
4 weeks ago by markhgn
Is the Answer to Phone Addiction a Worse Phone? - The New York Times
A small group of people have turned their phone screens to shades of gray to make them less stimulating. That’s the opposite of what tech companies want.
5 weeks ago by kleninz

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