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Javert jumps, only to—quite literally—wake up on the Seine. Heaven is tantalizingly just out of reach. With eternity to spend, Javert is given the unlikely opportunity to get to know Jean Valjean more.
afterlife  redeemed!Javert  fluff  exquisite  complete  favourite  angst  fandom:Les.Misérables  helper:Valjean  bitter.sweet  author:Pygmy.Puff  important.character:M.Gillenormand  important.character:Thénardier  redemption 
may 2015 by Kehlen
Jean Valjean: Ace Attorney
When Marius Pontmercy is accused of attempted murder, it's up to Jean Valjean to prove the young man's innocence. To do so, however, he will have to confront his past as well as the man prosecuting the case, Javert.
fandom:Les.Misérables  au  au:modern  lawyer!Valjean  important.character:Javert  important.character:M.Gillenormand  shenanigans  very.good  BAMF!Valjean  complete  author:Cinaed  bashing  bashing:M.Gillenormand 
february 2015 by Kehlen
All Too Well
A twist of fate as Marius is slowly making it clear to Valjean that he would like it if his convict father-in-law stayed away makes him realize that something about his image of Valjean the murdering thief isn't quite right and causes him to take a second look at his actions and once more go searching for the truth.
fandom:Les.Misérables  era:after.barricades  meddling  meddling!M.Gillenormand  helper:M.Gillenormand  sweet  alive!Valjean  complete  author:Sarah1281  important.character:M.Gillenormand 
december 2014 by Kehlen

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afterlife  alive!valjean  angst  au  au:modern  author:cinaed  author:pygmy.puff  author:sarah1281  bamf!valjean  bashing  bashing:m.gillenormand  bitter.sweet  complete  era:after.barricades  exquisite  fandom:les.misérables  favourite  fluff  helper:m.gillenormand  helper:valjean  important.character:javert  important.character:thénardier  lawyer!valjean  meddling!m.gillenormand  meddling  redeemed!javert  redemption  shenanigans  sweet  very.good 

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