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Jim Quinn: America’s “Dancing On The Crumbling Precipice” – Investment Watch
The American empire had a national debt of $5.7 trillion, with the annual budget virtually balanced in 2000 when our leaders began a pro-longed period of non-stop warfare.

We’ve added $16.3 trillion of debt and are running $1.2 trillion annual deficits as our out of control war mongering has put the country on a path to destruction.
2 days ago by foliovision
‘They’re not property’: the people who want their ancestors back from British museums
The islanders aren’t alone in their campaign to reclaim human remains from European museums. On 20 March this year, more than 150 years after they were cut from the corpse of the Ethiopian emperor Tewodros II by a British soldier, two locks of hair were returned by the National Army Museum in London after a request from Addis Ababa. A few days later, Norway’s King Harald V and Queen Sonja signed an agreement to repatriate thousands of artefacts, including a number of skulls, to the Rapa Nui people of Easter Island. And in April, German institutions will conduct their largest ever transfer of remains to Australia, involving 53 items from five sites in Munich, Stuttgart and Berlin. This follows a “joint declaration on the handling of colonial collections” by ministers from all 16 German states, which argued that human material “does not belong” behind glass.
The British Museum’s returns policy starts from a presumption “that the … collection should remain intact”. Since the passing of the Human Tissue Act, it has returned two cremation ash bundles to the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre, and nine human bone fragments to Te Papa, New Zealand’s national museum. But it has refused to hand over seven preserved Māori tattooed heads, as well as the skulls of two named individuals from the Torres Strait island that had been decorated for use in divination (none of these items are on public display). Ned David was one of the signatories to the Torres Strait request, and is still furious. “Bloody bastards, mate, they are just bastards. They are the most … I can’t say anything good about them, man. They’re just, well, they’re the BM I guess, no one tells them what to do, eh? There’s not an ounce of humanity in that friggin’ group, I tell you.
by:DavidShariatmadari  from:TheGuardian  colonialism  imperialism  museum  BritishMuseum 
3 days ago by owenblacker
Nearly 100,000 Pentagon whistleblower complaints have been silenced – Lee Camp — RT Op-ed
The Pentagon sucks up 55% of all the discretionary tax money we pay to our government (thanks to our bought-off Congress who receive more Christmas cards from weapons contractors than they do from relatives).
imperialism  corruption 
4 days ago by foliovision
MoA - Met Police Arrests Julian Assange
In Assange's case the US deep state wasn't "embarrassed", it was threatened; and a life long example is what is required (much like sticking a severed head on the castle wall). If Assange is handed over to the US then I would expect that he will disappear into the US prison for the rest of his life (which is what happens to those individuals who genuinely threaten the US system [at least those who are not assassinated]).
assange  imperialism 
14 days ago by foliovision
Benin Bronzes - Wikipedia
According to the official account of this event written by the British, the attack by the British was warranted because the local people had ambushed a peaceful mission, and because the expedition liberated the population from a reign of terror.[21][24] Right to Protect all over again.
17 days ago by foliovision
Benin Expedition of 1897 - Wikipedia
on 9 February 1897 the invasion of the Benin kingdom began.

The field commanders were instructed by their commander-in–chief to burn down all Benin kingdom's towns and villages, and hang the king of Benin wherever and whenever he was captured.
17 days ago by foliovision
MoA - Why Is Trump Designating Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps As Foreign Terrorist Organization?
He then tells us that the words are those "the former Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce, with 30 years’ experience of UK and EU government. Establishment personified. When the resistance start from within the élite, historically it suggests that we must expect a long conflict coming."
imperialism  england  trump 
17 days ago by foliovision
Socialism Isn't the Enemy—Corruption Is, According to Noam Chomsky, James Galbraith, Richard D. Woolf, and Anat Admati - Pacific Standard
There are many reasons why Venezuela failed in the way that it did. But it certainly wasn't because Venezuelans got free health care. An over-reliance on oil exports in the years before oil prices plummeted in 2016 was a partial cause of the crisis. Intervention by the United States is another important part of it. Most crucially, it was a government rife with corruption that shattered Venezuela.
venezuela  richard_wolff  oil  imperialism 
4 weeks ago by perich

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