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Project DOT: Forth Coding Practices - 02-2010-Falvo.pdf
The slide deck that gave birth to both DItI and Ascetic Programming.
declarative  inquisitive  imperative  forth  ascetic  programming 
18 days ago by kc5tja
Plasma Programming Language
The Plasma programming language strikes a balance between functional and imperative programming, making it easier to write reliable and efficient software.
functional  imperative  multiparadigm  programming  language 
october 2018 by gilberto5757
The Algorithms of CSS, by Lara Schenck
“CSS isn’t a ‘real’ programming language,” we CSS developers are often reminded — we don’t write programs, we describe presentation. Algorithms and CSS, then, don’t exactly go hand-in-hand … or do they?
fridayfrontend  css  video  algorithms  programming  language  imperative  declarative 
august 2018 by spaceninja
OCaml is an industrial strength programming language supporting functional, imperative and object-oriented styles
OCaml  language  functional  imperative  object-oriented  programming 
may 2018 by brunsnik
The Great Theorem Prover Showdown • Hillel Wayne
I think that the appropriate paradigm is heavily dependent on context, but a lot of people speak in universals. I keep hearing that it’s easier to analyze pure functional code than mutable imperative code. But nobody gives rigorous arguments for this and nobody provides concrete examples. Nobody actually digs into why assignments and transitions are so much harder to reason about than pure functions and IO monads.
programming  types  proofs  formal-methods  dependent-types  fp  dafny  verification  theorem  proof  prover  imperative  functional 
april 2018 by kybernetikos

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