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RT : A PhD is not just a degree - it is an opportunity to develop the skills needed to deliver impact.
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yesterday by katinalynn
Turkey's Syrian refugees carve out their own opportunities | Turkey | Al Jazeera
Inspiring examples of how #Syrian #refugees are starting businesses in #Turkey: they launched 6,000 businesses and invested over $300 million in Turkey as of 2017 ^cr
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2 days ago by csrollyson
Technology | WaveCel
Interesting engineered structure to provide protection from linear and rotational impacts, as an alternative to traditional EPS foam helmets. Seems to use a slipping/buckling triangle design? I wonder what kinds of improvements there would be using a smaller microstructure?
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4 days ago by asteroza
With the of design influencing how habits are formed, it's paramount to look into the effects of our work.…
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5 days ago by luxux
The Hidden Variable in Opportunity Cost
> This changes how impact is calculated, and how you should think about opportunity cost. If you aren’t considering pace, you will be misled into thinking that time isn’t relative, which is an expensive miscalculation (sort of like in Interstellar, when they get stuck on the water planet and 1 hour = 7 years).

​> What used to take days, now took months. What used to take a conversation, now took six meetings.

> I had no choice but to quit, as every additional day was actually costing me months (relative to working on the outside).
alex-cornell  opportunity-cost  jobs  efficiency  impact  scale 
7 days ago by jasdev
RT : Beware the well-intentioned advice of unusually successful academics

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10 days ago by sdp
RT : Oh hey, journos in & near Asia, I'm running a session on at 's , 1-3 May in Chian…
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11 days ago by kevinmarks
Learning by the Book | Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University
At current levels of curriculum usage and professional development, textbook choice alone does not seem to improve student achievement.

(Of course, maybe all textbooks are 'good enough' in the U.S., and this might not be the case everywhere ...)  
textbooks  impact  evaluation  publishing  harvard 
14 days ago by WBedutech

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