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How to Pad Images into a Square with ImageMagick
magick mogrify -virtual-pixel white -set option:distort:viewport \
"%[fx:max(w,h)]x%[fx:max(w,h)]-%[fx:max((h-w)/2,0)]-%[fx:max((w-h)/2,0)]" \
-filter point -distort SRT 0 +repage *
work  photo-editing  automation  imageMagick  scripting 
5 weeks ago by kjaymiller
Converting a scanned document into a compressed, searchable PDF with redactions – Medium
I recently received an 8-page document (by snail mail, on paper) from the Department of Transportation. I wanted to share it with a few different people and eventually add it to a new essay I’m…
pdf  image  imagemagick  command-line  linux  format 
6 weeks ago by robduarte
convert - Error during converting jpg to pdf - Ask Ubuntu
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This problems comes from a security update:

Someone reported it as a bug:

As a temporary fix, I edited /etc/ImageMagick-6/policy.xml and changed the PDF rights from none to read|write there. Not sure about the implications, but at least it allows me to get things done.
imagemagick  ubuntu  errors 
9 weeks ago by hellsten
How to add Mac-like shadow to your screenshots | Stephen's Java Adventures
( +clone -background black -shadow 80x20+0+15 \) +swap -background transparent -layers merge +repage
macosx  imagemagick  shadow 
10 weeks ago by roger

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