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Curt Teich Postcard Archives Collection: Newberry Library
"Curt Teich Postcard Archives Digital Collection: Primarily a database for the physical items in the CTPAC, this digital collection features more than 400,000 catalog records and 15,000 images for individual postcards. Search for keywords, artists, titles, or production numbers of interest, or browse by U.S. state, decade of creation, CTPAC sub-collection, or topical category. The Digital Collection does not include records for all items in the CTPAC."
archive  library  image  art  design  mail  history  usa 
20 hours ago by ingenu
Essential Image Optimization
A free book on modern image optimization techniques. Formats, decoders, techniques for efficient compression and more are covered.
automation  image  performance  optimization  compression  webdev  design  webd 
22 hours ago by thomasborowski
Learn how to classify images with TensorFlow |
Create a simple, yet powerful neural network to classify images using the open source TensorFlow software library.
media  image  images  tensorflow  machine  learning  python 
23 hours ago by peterb
Lazy-loading images. Vanilla js equivalent of unveil.js.
image  javascript 
yesterday by jorge
For anyone writing about Japan, the Japan National Tourist Organization provides free photos and video for usage.
Japan  Resource  Image  Video 
2 days ago by Artur
(3) Full Screen Landing Page - Responsive HTML5/CSS3 Tutorial - YouTube;;;
tags: Full Screen Landing Page - Responsive HTML5 / CSS3 Tutorial YouTube | video html css needsEditing questionable ;;;
Software used to create the *.html and *.css files
Sublime Text or Brackets.
responsive background image; desktop to smartphone.
09:15; html file &
09:30; css file
23:55; responsive; @media...
Full  Screen  Landing  Page  -  Responsive  HTML5  /  CSS3  Tutorial  YouTube  |  video  html  css  needsEditing  questionable  background  image 
2 days ago by neerajsinghvns
"A fast image processing library with low memory needs."
image  processing  library  programming 
3 days ago by sometimesfood
How to Make a Full Screen Landing Page (HTML & CSS) - YouTube
06:40; Head, Title Font SIze;
07:00; Html: 100%; shows the image across the screen.
07:15; Header > background-size: cover; shows the image across the screen. Does NOT let the desktop show through.
07:50; Header > background-size: contain; repeats the full image across the screen.
08:10; combine, cleaner code.
08:30; paragraphs below the image.
11:45; dispaly: flex; align header text, vertically and horizontally.
How  to  Make  a  Full  Screen  Landing  Page  (HTML  &  CSS)  -  YouTube  |  video  sampleCode  image  on  needsEditing 
3 days ago by neerajsinghvns

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