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Bail set for two men charged after explosion
Two men charged with causing an explosion in the garage of a Providence home last week now have the option of posting bail.

Jeffrey Toombs, 21, was in the courtroom Monday, while 22-year-old Joshua Keith — who was arrested Friday after his release from the hospital — made his appearance by video.

Both were charged in 1st District Court with illegal possession of explosives or incendiary devices and reckless endangerment after a homemade blasting cap detonated in Keith’s hand last week.

Both have been held without bail until Monday’s court appearance, and according to court documents, investigators believed there was more explosive material available at a separate location, and until that material was properly secured, Toombs and Keith were a danger to the public.

Bail was set at $7,000 for Toombs and $10,000 for Keith.
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7 days ago by dchas
17 more detained over China blast that killed 78
Police have detained 17 more suspects connected to a chemical blast in eastern China last month which killed 78 and left hundreds injured, local authorities said Monday.

The explosion in eastern Jiangsu province was one of the worst industrial accidents in the country in recent years and led to the closure of the plant.

Police have taken "criminal coercive measures" against the 17 suspects, said the Yancheng city government on its official Twitter-like Weibo account, bringing the number people rounded up over the blast to 26.

The latest group includes individuals from an unnamed third-party organisation, who are accused of falsifying project evaluations, and Jiangsu Tianjiayi Chemical company, whose plant was involved in the blast.

The March 21 explosion razed an industrial park and blew out the windows of surrounding homes.
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8 days ago by dchas
Oxford explosion was caused by detonated firework, police say
Oxford police said the explosive device that injured two boys on March 19 was a detonated pyrotechnic, or firework, similar to one called an aerial salute.

Aerial salutes are fireworks that are designed be launched in the air for a fireworks display. A ground salute is one that functions from a stationary or secured position, according to the American Pyrotechnics Association website.Police said the boys discovered the firework in the alley in the 100 block of East Withrow Street and described it as silver colored and the shape and size of a baseball. One of the boys lost a hand in the explosion.
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11 days ago by dchas
Texas chemical plant employee charged in explosion in aftermath of Hurricane Harvey
DALLAS — Another senior employee at a chemical company is facing criminal charges connected to a 2017 explosion at a Houston-area plant following Hurricane Harvey.

Michael Keough, vice president of logistics for Arkema Inc.'s North American subsidiary, was indicted on felony assault charges tied to his actions ahead of a chemical fire and explosion at the company's Crosby facility, the Harris County District Attorney's office announced Wednesday. The company was also charged.

Keough falsely told officials that Arkema was monitoring potentially explosive chemical tanks in real time when the company had insufficient data to give early warning, according to District Attorney Kim Ogg. These "misrepresentations" led two sheriff's deputies to drive directly into a toxic cloud, which then spread to exposing others, she said.

An attorney for Keough, Dan Cogdell, called the indictment "absurd" and "beyond rational thought."
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12 days ago by dchas
Three detained over China chemical blast that killed 78
Police have detained three suspects linked to a chemical plant blast in China, which killed 78 people and left hundreds injured, local officials said Wednesday.

The explosion last month in Yancheng city, in eastern Jiangsu province, was one of the worst industrial accidents in the country in recent years.

Three employees from Jiangsu Tianjiayi Chemical, whose facility was involved in the blast, had "significant responsibility" for the accident, according to a statement on the Yancheng government's official Twitter-like Weibo account.

Officials said the suspects have been subjected to "criminal coercive measures" -- a vague term which indicates detention, arrest or being put under house arrest temporarily until police complete their investigations, according to an explanation on the Chinese parliament's website.

Yancheng police declined to offer details on the case when contacted by AFP.

The blast razed an industrial park and blew out the windows of surrounding homes.

The company, with 195 employees, was established in 2007 and mainly produces raw chemical materials including anisole, a highly flammable compound.
China  industrial  follow-up  death  flammables  illegal 
19 days ago by dchas
Two dead, five injured in explosion at illegal firecracker unit
Visakhapatnam: Two persons died and five others of the same family suffered critical injuries in an explosion at an illegal fire cracker manufacturing unit (Bholokamamba Fireworks) at Gullipalle within Sabbavaram police station limits in Visakhapatnam district on Monday.
This was the second such explosion in the same unit. In May 2012, three persons had burned to death and two others sustained injuries in an explosion at Bholakamamba Fireworks unit at Gullipalle.
There was an explosion in the fire cracker manufacturing unit at around 10:45 am on Monday. All seven persons in the unit at the time were injured. The roof of the shed (illegal unit) made with iron sheets caved under the impact of the blast. The injured were admitted at the KG Hospital in Visakhapatnam city at around 12 noon.
India  industrial  explosion  death  fireworks  illegal 
28 days ago by dchas
Meth lab shuts down Canberra street as 39-year-old man arrested, expected to be charged later today
A 39-year-old man has been arrested and is expected to be charged later today with possessing and manufacturing illicit substances, after ACT police raided an alleged clandestine drug lab at a property in Canberra's south.

Officers executed a search warrant at the home on Wilkins Street in Mawson about 6:30am today, where they said they found a "clandestine laboratory" manufacturing methamphetamine.

The street was closed off after officers also discovered "dangerous items" — separate to the alleged drug lab — and called in ACT Fire and Rescue crews to help secure the site.

Detective Superintendent Scott Moller said the bomb squad had eliminated any danger to the public, but the way those items were sitting and the "wiring attached to them" had raised red flags.
Australia  public  discovery  response  illegal  clandestine_lab 
4 weeks ago by dchas
2 Injured in Explosion While Trying to Extract Marijuana Oil in Illegal Canoga Park Drug Lab: LAPD
Two men were critically injured Wednesday in an explosion at a one-story commercial building in Canoga Park where they appear to have been running an illegal narcotics lab, Los Angeles Police Department Sgt. Jeff Collado told KTLA .

The explosion happened at around 11:00 a.m. on the 7000 block of North Alabama Avenue, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department.

The two unidentified men were transported to a nearby hospital in critical condition, according to authorities.

Witnesses told KTLA they saw the door being blown off and two men running out of the building with visible burns on their clothes and bodies.

Fire officials said there was no fire at the site of the explosion when they arrived, but reported possible structural damage to the building.
us_CA  laboratory  explosion  injury  unknown_chemical  illegal 
4 weeks ago by dchas
Another illegal dumping site found in Pasir Gudang; 15 barrels of suspected chemical waste removed
PASIR GUDANG — At least 15 blue barrels believed to contain chemical waste were removed from the banks of Sungai Masai in Pasir Gudang on Monday (March 18) afternoon after a similar operation at Sungai Semilang earlier in the day.

Sungai Masai is the third illegal dumping site discovered since toxic fumes emitted by waste dumped into Sungai Kim Kim hospitalised more than 3,000 people and forced the closure of 111 schools on March 7.

Police and the Fire and Rescue Department’s hazardous material unit (Hazmat) were at the latest site, and personnel from a private environment firm were seen removing the barrels from about 2pm.

A 300m stretch at Kilometre 17 of the Pasir Gudang-Johor Baru Highway towards the state capital were closed, resulting in a traffic congestion until 7pm as authorities loaded the barrels into a lorry.
Malaysia  public  release  response  illegal  waste 
5 weeks ago by dchas
Passports on the dark web: how much is yours worth? - Comparitech
$15 for a simple scan, $60 for a passport selfie

$1000 for a forged one, $12k+ for a real one
passport  scan  illegal  online  market  dark  web  identity  theft 
5 weeks ago by dandv
Explosions at Manitowoc home lead to an arrest
MANITOWOC, Wis. — Manitowoc Police have arrested a man after two explosions at a south side home on Thursday.

Police say they were called to investigate explosions on the 900 block of South 29th Street.

ATF, FBI, a hazmat team and others investigated the home, where they report they found military grade explosives.

A 35-year-old man was taken into custody and charges are expected for endangering safety and possession of an explosive.
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5 weeks ago by dchas

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