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Creating a Safer Community Spaces Toolkit – @PepeBorras
Internet Freedom Festival (IFF) co-founder and Director Pepe Borrás announces a new "Safer Community Spaces Toolkit" to be officially unveiled at the 2018 edition of the IFF. "The Safer Community Spaces Toolkit for community organizers and event designers is a practical guide with all the professional materials we wished we had when we first started working with communities. This curated manual is the product of years of community experience, combined with the expertise of seasoned professionals in gender, diversity, inclusivity, psychology, conflict-resolution and group dynamics. The Safer Community Spaces Toolkit will include: Best practices, strategies, methods, processes and decision trees...Self-assessment checklists...[and] Case studies and common scenarios," among other resources.
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december 2017 by dmcdev
.@InternetFF Series: How to Create Safe Spaces
How does the Internet Freedom Festival (IFF) work to create safer spaces? Among the priorities is "mak[ing] sure the most vulnerable feel safe." Only then can the rest feel safe as well. "It was a lightbulb moment for us. To create a culture of respect and solidarity, people need to feel safe. That security is central to the work of our community, especially those who are working in human rights."
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october 2017 by dmcdev
YAP regulates cell mechanics by controlling focal adhesion assembly | Nature Communications
Rho/ROCK to YAP nuclear localization to focal adhesion proteins - possibly IFF could trigger YAP nuclear localization via Rho/ROCK or separately?
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september 2017 by Segalllab
Apply to be a 2018 @InternetFF fellow!
"From all walks of life and every corner of the globe, the IFF Fellows are professionals and community leaders in Internet Freedom who come together to represent the different communities, making the IFF’s content relevant, immediate and representative of the community and its challenges." More info, including the application and descriptions of last year's fellows, can found at the link above.
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june 2017 by dmcdev
2017 Localization Lab Summit and Sprint Summary - @L10nLab
A summary of the Localization Lab's 2017 Summit and Sprint at the Internet Freedom Festival. "This year’s event involved roughly 20 translator contributors representing 16 different languages: Persian, Arabic, Hindi, Telegu, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Finnish, Russian, Norwegian (Bokmål), French, Luganda, Shona, Azeri. Three more projects than at last year’s event were invited to demo and included: GlobaLeaks, M-Lab Chrome App, Peerio, Pootle, Psiphon, Tails, Tor Project, Umbrella App. Representatives from LEAP, OpenKeychain, Qubes and ooniprobe were also available after the demo rounds to chat with translators and answer questions." - Localization Lab
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may 2017 by dmcdev
Community-sourced recommendations on sustaining open source products - @HURIDOCS
Reflections from Huridocs on FOSS sustainability, as gleaned from their experience at hosting the "FOSS or FOSSIL: How can we ensure the sustainability of open source products?" session at the Internet Freedom Festival.
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april 2017 by dmcdev
The nerdiest and most open of them all: @InternetFF 2017 | GenderIT.org
Internet Freedom Festival 2017 attendee Smita offers reflections on IFF '17 from a queer feminist perspective: "It was one of the first digital rights conference where there were equal number of men and women (47% were women attendees according to the IFF website) as well as a significant number of trans and gender nonconforming persons. It was SO refreshing! ...Spaces like the Internet Freedom Festival, with the fantastic staff, volunteers, coffee, croissants, music and dance, and glitter, are very very essential for [reclaiming tech as a space for diverse inclusion]." - Smita, GenderIT.org
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april 2017 by dmcdev
Untitled (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDaEy9FAykI)
I know is busy fighting 4 your internet freedoms at Valencia so here’s some Fantastic Piano
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march 2017 by BeckyFaith
Diversity in internet freedom: higher standards for all #InternetFF
From the Internet Freedom Festival in Valencia: "This year’s Internet Freedom Festival brings together more than 1200 people from 114 countries to discuss, collaborate, and find new ways to ensure that the internet stays free, open and safe for everyone.

Achieving such lofty goals requires a profound understanding of challenges on the ground, whether it is about phishing attempts in Egypt, infrastructural devastation in Syria, or online harassment of women in Pakistan. Knowing the context, how people access, use and make sense of the internet and the opportunities it offers, is key to ensuring that the internet indeed stays free, open and safe, especially for those who are attacked by the state, marginalised in their own communities, or otherwise unable to make their voices heard." - Andreas Reventlow
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march 2017 by dmcdev
Internet Freedom Festival Reinvented: Joining Forces to Fight Censorship and Surveillance – Medium
Preview IFF's fancy new look and feel, with the same great community love that makes this event great; check out IFF 2017's themes - curated by IFF Fellows who hail from around the world; details on new schedule and session formats; help desks and more self-organized space; and a bunch of other goodness. Post written by Pepe Borrás, Internet Freedom Festival Director
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february 2017 by dmcdev
Check out The 2017 @InternetFF Fellows
The IFF Fellows are an outstanding and diverse cohort of 28 professionals & community leaders. Coming from 19 different regions, they will work together to review and select sessions across the entire IFF Program, to ensure that diverse viewpoints and voices are well represented. - Internet Freedom Festival
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october 2016 by dmcdev
Themes of the Internet Freedom Festival #InternetFF
The IFF is based around 8 themes: The Community, Training & Best Practices, Internet Freedom: Present and Future, Tools & Technology, Policy & Advocacy, Regions & Groups, Communication & Design, and Journalism & Media. You can submit a session idea for the upcoming IFF (taking place in Valencia, Spain on 6-10 March, 2017) at https://internetfreedomfestival.org/host-a-session/
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august 2016 by dmcdev
Host a Session at the 2017 Internet Freedom Festival! #InternetFF
The 2017 IFF Call for Proposals is Now Open! Register your session today. Click the link above for more info.
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august 2016 by dmcdev
Register for @InternetFF 2017! #internetfreedom #circumvention #humanrights
Attendance and session space availability are limited! Don’t wait for the last minute to register. If you're interested in attending, click the link above to get started.
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may 2016 by dmcdev
Joining Forces to Fight Censorship and Surveillance on the Internet - @IREXintl
The Internet Freedom Festival (IFF) starts today in Valencia, Spain and runs through March 1-6, 2016. “What’s unique about the festival is that it incorporates a variety of groups touched by surveillance that normally don’t get to interact,” says IFF Director Pepe Borrás. “Encompassing different actors cultivates a synergistic approach, which is key to fighting censorship.” Read more at link above.
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february 2016 by dmcdev

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