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The War on Us – Art Johnson – Medium
Obama dropped on average a total of 3 bombs an hour for his entire 8 year tenure. That’s 210, 240 bombs, there’s not that many terrorists! Who are we still fighting? He was the only US president in history to be at war for two consecutive terms.
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9 days ago by hellsten
Feds: Woman arrested at Mar-a-Lago had hidden-camera detector | Miami Herald
"So the Secret Service stuck Zhang's thumbdrive into their computer."
"Secret Service agent Samuel Ivanovich, who interviewed Zhang on the day of her arrest, testified at the hearing. He stated that when another agent put Zhang’s thumb-drive into his computer, it immediately began to install files, a “very out-of-the-ordinary” event that he had never seen happen before during this kind of analysis. The agent had to immediately stop the analysis to halt any further corruption of his computer, Ivanovich said. The analysis is ongoing but still inconclusive, he testified."
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12 days ago by conner
Trump says no healthcare vote until after 2020 election - BBC News
"US President Donald Trump has said he wants to wait until after the 2020 election to draft a new healthcare plan to replace the Affordable Care Act.

The move reverses Mr Trump's call last week to quickly scrap ex-President Obama's signature law, taking some Republicans in Congress by surprise."
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18 days ago by conner

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