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ProjecturEd, a generic purpose projectional editor written in Common Lisp. It supports editing multiple domains represented in arbitrary data structures. It also supports multiple bidirectional projections providing different notations varying from textual to graphics.
editor  ide  tree  gui  structural 
yesterday by slowbyte
prisma/graphql-playground: 🎮 GraphQL IDE for better development workflows (GraphQL Subscriptions, interactive docs & collaboration)
🎮 GraphQL IDE for better development workflows (GraphQL Subscriptions, interactive docs & collaboration) - prisma/graphql-playground
graphql  playground  ide 
2 days ago by xer0x
Xtext - Language Engineering Made Easy!
The website of Eclipse Xtext, an open-source framework for development of programming languages and domain-specific languages
dsl  development  IDE 
2 days ago by lenciel
Input: Fonts for Code — Info
Input is a typeface for code, designed by David Jonathan Ross and released by Font Bureau.
font  source  code  ide  programmer 
4 days ago by davedmiller
Enhance your IDE with Vim – Hacker Noon
For a long time, I have listened to people gushing about Vim. I always respected their opinion, but in the end, I still refused to give Vim a try. My experiences with Vim were just too painful. It…
vim  ide  interoperability  embedding  howto 
7 days ago by gilberto5757

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