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Spletni vmesnik za programiranje v Pythonu
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18 hours ago by kradovan
FORWARD Web Application Framework
A declarative, rapid development framework for data-driven Ajax reports and applications.
Rich visualizations and collaborative workflows require only a few lines of SQL-based code and visualization/interaction markup.
crud  rad  sql  visualization  ide 
2 days ago by slowbyte
A collection of recipes for using VS Code with particular technologies.
microsoft  vscode  visual  studio  code  recipe  collection  tool  ide  editor  programming  javascript 
2 days ago by vicchow
Introducing Rekit Studio: a real IDE for React and Redux development
The previous version of Rekit Studio was Rekit Portal, which has no ability to edit code. Now thanks to Monaco Editor (which also powers VS Code) and prettier (an amazing tool for formatting code), Rekit Studio provides a great experience for coding. That’s also why we renamed it from “portal” to “studio.”
As an IDE, besides code editing, Rekit Studio provides the capability for code generation, dependency diagraming, refactoring, building, unit tests, and a meaningful way to navigate code.
react  IDE 
3 days ago by euler

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