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Favorite: The First Frost, by Elizabeth Gadd
IFTTT  Flickr  field  grass  tall  frosty  frost  frozen  icy  ice  winter  morning  early  sunrise  girl  woman  white  dress  portrait  nature 
november 2018 by pauljacobson
broken glass
tinkles and crashes;
rain washes last week's
winter downstream.

tanka  icy  from twitter
january 2018 by Mykl
Icicles docs
This page and its linked pages describe Icicles, an Emacs library that enhances minibuffer completion, that is, input completion. This page lists the main Icicles features and presents entry points to all of the Icicles doc.
emacs  icy  tab-completion 
november 2016 by ktgeek
E-thermostaat webportal
De E-thermostaat
Met de unieke E-thermostaat regelt u eenvoudig de temperatuur in huis. Waar u ook bent, via uw smartphone of computer.
Door de ingebouwde bewegingssensor schakelt de E-thermostaat automatisch naar een lagere temperatuur als u de deur uitgaat. Zo bespaart u vele euro's op uw energierekening.
thermostaat  ICY  verwarming  Essent  Ermelo 
february 2016 by Subhome
RT Photo project - 2 of 366 - title: "Frozen Layers" -
photography  frost  nat  photo365  icy  nature  frozen  from twitter
january 2016 by mvlprovider
The Indisputable Benefits of Cold Showers
The longterm benefits of cold showers outweigh the temporary comfort of a hot one. Find out why.
the  indisputeable  benefits  of  taking  cold  icy  shock  alert  energy  circulation  testosterone  manliness  willfull  hardship  will  showers  shower 
march 2015 by mbspb

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