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Changing Icons in El Capitan · Hash Bang Star
One of the new features in El Capitan is the Security Integrity Protection (also called rootless), which is just a fancy way of saying that system files cannot be added, edited, or deleted while the feature is turned on. This means that you cannot change icons for system programs, such as Safari, Messages, and iTunes. So while the main process of changing icons in El Capitan is the same as with previous versions of OS X, you first have to turn off SIP.

It is worth noting that the process outlines below is only necessary when changing system application icons. For any other application it is not needed.

Turn Off SIP

Turn off your Mac
Turn it back on and hold ⌘-R until the Apple logo with a progress bar pops up, this boots your Mac into Recovery Mode
Click “Utilities” in the menu bar, and select Terminal
Type the command csrutil status in order to check whether SIP is enabled or disabled.
If enabled, type csrutil disable, this will turn off SIP
Click the  in the menu bar and select Restart
Change Icons

Since SIP is turned off now, you can change icons! If you already know how to do this part you can skip to the next section (it is the same process as with previous OS X releases).

To change the icon of an application:

Open a Finder window and go to the folder where the new icon is located
Open a new Finder window
Open the Applications folder
Find the application you want to change the icon for
Either right-click on the application and choose “Get Info”, or hit ⌘-I
Now simply drag the new icon onto the icon image in the Info window (as seen in the image below)

If this application is a system application (anything bundled with OS X like Calendar, Reminders, etc.) you will have to enter your password to allow the change

Congratulations! That application’s icon is much prettier now!
In order to see the changes in your dock, open Terminal and enter killall Dock to restart the dock.

Change the Finder Icon

Changing the Finder icon is a more involved process than with other applications.

If the file you want to use as the new icon is a .icns file, change the extension of the file to .png. This can be done by renaming the file
Open a new Finder window and enter the shortcut Command-Shift-G
Paste this address into the dialog and click “Go” /System/Library/CoreServices/Dock.app/Contents/Resources/
Find and copy the finder.png and finder@2x.png files into a backup location
Remove the finder.png and finder@2x.png files from the folder
Move your new icon (with the .png extension) into the Resources folder, you will have to authenticate with your password
Hit Command-Shift-G again and go to this new address /private/var/folders/
Now search for “com.apple.dock.iconcache” and delete the file once it is found
Open Terminal and enter the command killall Dock to restart your dock. Your new Finder icon should show up!
Turn On SIP

Now that you have finished updating the icons that you would like to update, you should turn SIP back on. This process is the same as turning it off, except you will use the csrutil enable command to turn SIP on. I have listed the steps below if you don’t want to scroll back to the top again.

Turn off your Mac
Turn it back on and hold ⌘-R until the Apple logo with a progress bar pops up, this boots your Mac into Recovery Mode
Click “Utilities” in the menu bar, and select Terminal
Use the command csrutil status in order to check whether SIP is enabled or disabled.
If disabled, type csrutil enable, this will turn on SIP
Click the  in the menu bar and select Restart
Enjoy Your New Dock!

I’m not a huge fan of the stock icons for OS X, especially after the design refresh of Yosemite. That’s why I choose to customize the icons of applications on my Mac. I really love the icons made by the wonderful Ollin Bohan, which can be downloaded from his website here.
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yesterday by lizpanton
Time to bury Che Guevara for good
In death Che, with his flowing hair and beret, has become one of the world’s favourite revolutionary icons. His fans span the globe. Youthful rebels wear T-shirts emblazoned with his image. Ireland this month issued a commemorative stamp. But it is in Latin America where his influence has been greatest, and where his legacy—for the left in particular—has been most damaging.So occluded is the lens of anti-imperialism that much of the Latin American left has failed to detect that American meddling in the region largely ended with the cold war, and that most younger Latin Americans see the United States as a source of investment, opportunity and technological progress (or at least did so before the arrival of President Donald Trump)Guevara’s mistake was to deny the possibility of democracy, or the social progress it could bring, in Latin America. Most countries in the region are no longer controlled by a narrow oligarchy, nor under the yanqui thumb. Whatever their mistakes and failings, reformist governments in countries like Chile, Brazil and Colombia have shown that inequality, while still high, can be reduced by good policiesBy erecting anti-imperialism and equality as supreme values, too many leftists have been complicit in tyranny and corruption.
Economist  icons  communism  anniversaries 
2 days ago by thomas.kochi
Nice looking SVG icon set
webdesign  design  icons  svg 
2 days ago by fortythieves
Release v3.5.0 · primer/octicons | https://github.com/
This appears to be the last release that includes the webfonts.
octicons  icons  webdevel  webdesign  webfont  github 
2 days ago by kme
Chris Fernandez - Dribbble
Philly designer, illustrator, comic-reader.
4 days ago by brendan_rice
Annie Besant: An inconvenient woman
One of the founders of Banares Hindu University, the scene of a woman’s agitation today, Annie Besant lived unconventionally, defiant of social norms, well before she came to India. “It’s a pity there isn’t a God,” she declared .. “It would do one so much good to hate him.”The irony was that this Irishwoman who eventually found her way to India began her life immersed in religiosity. She was born on 1 October 1847—a day and 22 years before Mahatma Gandhi, whose ascent would mark her eclipse.“All these forty years my white body has been an asset,” she wrote. “It is no longer so.” Somewhat disappointed, she spent the rest of her years focused on the Theosophical Society’s future, in Madras (now Chennai). By the time she died in 1933, she was respected as a kind of grand dame but was no longer necessarily relevant to India’s political future. For all that, however, nobody could deny, as biographer Rosemary Dinnage noted, that this was a lady with a “powerful will” whose “energy and courage were of an extraordinary order”—a woman whose life was a series of battles, and who faced them with fortitude as much as she did with unbending conviction.
persons  icons 
5 days ago by thomas.kochi
Icon Organizer & Icon Library | Nucleo
icons in different styles (outline, solid, colour) with app for management
developer  design  icons 
5 days ago by terraling
Logo Crunch - The multi-resolution logo maker
Logo Crunch is a multi-resolution logo maker, it uses computer vision to make your high-res logo legible at lower resolutions. Use it for a website favicon, iOS app icon or Android app icon.
tool  favicon  responsive  logo  icons  design 
5 days ago by Shoord
Noun Project
Creating, Sharing and Celebrating the World’s Visual Language. Over a million curated icons, created by a global community. People make them for free, and this project seeks to charge money for them.
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6 days ago by brysmi

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