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ICO crack down on Met Police Gangs Matrix
The ICO found that the data sharing was occurring informally between the MPS and the third parties. The data was often saved locally by individuals within the MPS and also by the third parties who received the personal data. This made it more difficult for the organisations to maintain control over who was accessing the data. Further, the MPS had failed to secure information sharing agreements with the third parties, which the ICO said was a basic necessity when sharing personal data between organisations.

The ICO was concerned about the large amounts of personal data being shared and the accuracy of that data. Crucially, the MPS had failed to carry out either a data protection or privacy impact assessment in relation to the Gangs Matrix. Although such impact assessments were not mandated under DPA98 (which they are now under the GDPR), they have for some time been recommended by the ICO as best practice for identifying and minimising the privacy risks of projects or policies. The ICO was particularly concerned that victims of gang-related violence were included in the Gangs Matrix without a distinction being made between them and the perpetrators of crime. The majority (64%) of the individuals in the Gangs Matrix were rated as green (low risk). In light of this, the ICO considered that the data processing by the MPS was excessive and lacking in differentiation.
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11 days ago by corrickwales
Marriott data breach shows cyber security risks of mergers
"The company also admitted that the information also includes payment card numbers and payment card expiration dates. While it claims the payment card numbers were encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard encryption (AES-128) it also admits that the keys to decrypt those payment cards may also have been stolen. If so, this makes the breach significantly worse as it shows the hackers had complete access to all company information."
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13 days ago by jonerp
Dynamic Drive- FavIcon Generator
Use this online tool to easily create a favorites icon (favicon) for your site. Capable of generating desktop icons as well.
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14 days ago by stever
Merge Multiple PNG Images Into a Single Icon
Join / Combine multiple different sizes of png images into a single Windows icon
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14 days ago by stever
SEC charges Floyd Mayweather, DJ Khaled for promoting ICOs without disclosing payments
Floyd Mayweather touted Centra's ICO on his Twitter account saying it "starts in a few hours. Get yours before they sell out, I got mine." DJ Khaled called it a "game changer" on his social media accounts, the SEC said.
Neither had disclosed promotional payments to investors.
The SEC warned last year that coins sold in ICOs may be securities and that those who offer them have to comply with federal securities laws.
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16 days ago by nicoladagostino
Icon Editor | Online ICO Editor | Edit ICO Files
View and edit ICO files online. Make ICO from PNG, JPG or BMP images.
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17 days ago by aeng
KodakOne allegedly owes developers over $100K in unpaid invoices • The Next Web
<p>In a series of email exchanges reviewed by Hard Fork, a group of contractors has accused KodakOne for failing to pay up their contracting fees in the agreed timeframe. The contractors are collectively seeking to receive over $125,000 in accumulated invoices, according to an email sent by a UK-based law firm on their behalf.

“Unfortunately apologies and unfulfilled promises of a payment proposal are not enabling my client to pay the people that did the work for [KodakOne],” the email shared with Hard Fork read. “Time is short and in the absence of any meaningful payment proposal, court proceedings will be commencing in [seven] days.”

The email was sent on behalf of European recruiting agency iFindTech, which purportedly helped KodakOne find talent to build its platform. The email was sent by law firm London Law Practice on October 26.

Indeed, the email exchanges show that at some point iFindTech reps advised contractors to cease work on KodakOne until all owed funds have been paid out.</p>

Kodak has some problems.
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18 days ago by charlesarthur
ICO fines Uber £385,000 over data protection failings | ICO
A series of avoidable data security flaws allowed the personal details of around 2.7million UK customers to be accessed and downloaded by attackers from a cloud-based storage system operated by Uber’s US parent company. This included full names, email addresses and phone numbers.

The records of almost 82,000 drivers based in the UK – which included details of journeys made and how much they were paid – were also taken during the incident in October and November 2016.
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20 days ago by corrickwales
Grifter journalist Jerry Ji Guo remanded in jail for alleged bitcoin long con • The Daily Beast
Kevin Poulsen:
<p>He bounced right into New York’s “Silicon Alley” tech startup community, scoring YCombinator seed funding for a group-dating service called Grouper that lasted eight months.

In the years since, according to his LinkedIn profile, the Chinese-American Yale graduate has been owner and head chef of a burger bar in Beijing and founded a “growth hacking” marketing firm in Atlanta. Last year he finally landed in the field he seemed born to occupy, cryptocurrency, launching a $2m ICO for a content-sharing platform he claimed had deals in place with American Idol and The Voice.

Now Guo is on a new adventure, potentially his last for the next 63 to 78 months. On Nov. 9, FBI agents in Puerto Rico arrested the self-described “serial blockchain entrepreneur” on wire-fraud charges for allegedly stealing over $3.5m worth of cryptocurrency from startups that hired him as a consultant.

On Friday a federal judge in San Juan ordered Guo’s transfer to San Jose, California, to face the eight-count indictment, which carries a sentence of up to 20 years in prison by statute, and at least five years, three months under federal sentencing guidelines.

At the center of the case is Guo’s career in the fast money world of initial coin offerings.</p>

Say no more - ICOs are of course grifter central. But some of the detail here in the indictments is amazing.
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27 days ago by charlesarthur
SEC settles enforcement actions over two initial coin offerings - WSJ
Dave Michaels:
<p>both settlements require the companies to file audited financial statements and other disclosures about their businesses, providing the information that investors typically need to decide if a stock is a good investment.

Paragon and CarrierEQ, which conducted unregistered coin offerings, each agreed to pay $250,000 in civil penalties and to notify investors they are eligible for refunds if they still own the token or can show they sold it at a loss. Paragon sold to 8,300 investors, while CarrierEQ’s coin offering reached 2,500 buyers, the SEC said.

Paragon, founded by Russian internet entrepreneur Egor Lavrov and former model Jessica VerSteeg, staged a widely noticed coin sale in August 2017 that raised about $12 million, according to the SEC. The company said it would fuse blockchain, the technology underpinning virtual currencies, with the marijuana industry.

The startup launched at a time when many initial coin offerings used athletes and other celebrities to generate buzz. Paragon enlisted The Game, a rapper, to tout its coin. The company said it could control the supply of its token in order to stabilize or raise its price, the SEC said in a settlement order.

Paragon was one of hundreds of coin issuers <a href="https://www.wsj.com/articles/buyer-beware-hundreds-of-bitcoin-wannabes-show-hallmarks-of-fraud-1526573115?mod=article_inline">identified by The Wall Street Journal in May</a> as displaying signs of possible fraud. The Journal’s analysis reviewed the companies’ marketing documents and identified red flags such as plagiarized language, promises of guaranteed returns and missing or fake executive teams.</p>

First two of scores. The ICO joyride is over.
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28 days ago by charlesarthur

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