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Welcome to iCalShare
iCalShare is the largest directory of iCalendar files on the web, with over 3000 calendars
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9 weeks ago by kjpoalses
Recensez et diffusez tous vos événements
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9 weeks ago by scalpa
(This looks to be a site for hosting iCal calendars? And they seem to have a bunch of calendars that one can subscribe to too.)

“Join millions of users and add events you love to your existing calendars. Buy tickets, get detailed event info, and keep up with your favorite teams and topics – all from your own calendar.”
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11 weeks ago by handcoding
iCalendar.org - iCalendar Resources, Specifications and Tools
This site is devoted to promoting the iCalendar standard, an open standard for exchanging calendar and scheduling information between users and computers.  On this site you will find iCalendar resources, an iCalendar validator and specifications for iCalendar and related protocols in an easy to use layout.
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january 2019 by danesparza

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