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Forbes Magazine: How Marketing Is Changing In Financial Services: Insight From Vanguard
Forbes Magazine
Vanguard is capitalizing on customer behavior data to individually and electronically 'nudge' its customers towards a personalized next action to reach retirement readiness goals. Read the full story
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Kirkville - What a Hellish Experience it Is to Restore an iPhone
I’m sure you’ve had to restore your iPhone at least once. Stuff happens, you try to reset some settings, but it still doesn’t work as it should. Since yesterday, I’ve been having trouble connecting to cellular networks on mine. If I put the SIM card in my iPhone SE, that works fine, so it seems to have something to do with iOS 12. I tried resetting network settings, and that worked for a few minutes, but then the same thing happened.
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9 hours ago by rgl7194
Basic Security Guide (Tech Solidarity)
Basic security precautions for non-profits and journalists in the United States, mid-2017.
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22 hours ago by Chirael

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