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Apps for Accessibility: iTunes Appstore category
List of Accessibility apps for Apple IOS devices: iPad, iPhone, iWatch, ????
ios  apple  itunes  accessibility  mobile 
23 minutes ago by cyberchucktx
Software Reflections: Mobile Smalltalk
I've been announcing the Open Beta release of my game HexSolve for Android and iOS.  HexSolve was written in Smalltalk and people have been asking me how it's possible to run Smalltalk on mobile devices.  I thought I'd write up a little description of the technology behind it.
programming  smalltalk  ios  android  howto 
35 minutes ago by masukomi
Split View in iOS 11 on iPad: Complete Guide to Use Slide Over and Split View
Follow through this complete guide to use Slide Over and Split View in iOS 11 on your iPad Pro and bolster your multitasking like never before.
41 minutes ago by thx1138
All you need to know about Slide Over, Split View in iOS 11 | Cult of Mac
iOS 11's Slide Over and Split View bring the iPad close to the Mac than ever, without spoiling iOS' clarity.
44 minutes ago by thx1138
How to use Slide Over and Split View on the iPad in iOS 11 | iMore
iOS 11 changes the multitasking game on the iPad and iPad Pro. Here’s how to use it!
1 hour ago by thx1138
ArtSabintsev/FontBlaster: Programmatically load custom fonts into your iOS and tvOS app.
Say goodbye to importing custom fonts via property lists as FontBlaster automatically imports and loads all fonts in your app's Bundles with one line of code.
ios  fonts  mobile  development  library 
5 hours ago by dlkinney
Basecamp 3 for iOS: Hybrid Architecture – Signal v. Noise
We’ve written quite a bit in the past about our approach to building hybrid mobile apps. Basecamp 3 represents the latest generation of this architecture, taking everything we’ve learned from…
rails  ios 
6 hours ago by aghecht

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