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apparently an air-to-water heat pump, competes with Chilltrix but has lots more size options and, it seems, lots less technical info available.
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8 weeks ago by mgold
Small Air Cooled Heat Pump Chiller Air Conditioners | Modular Mini-Split Ductless Home & Server Room Chillers | Chiltrix Inc.
"CX34 ultra-efficient AHRI-Certified R410a reverse cycle air to water chiller w/ DC inverter compressor, DC inverter pump, DC inverter condenser fan, and DC inverter fan coils."

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10 weeks ago by mgold
SpacePak | Hydronic Heating And Cooling
"SpacePak’s Solstice series are true air-to-water reverse cycle heat pumps that can alternate between heating and cooling, providing your family with an all-in-one home comfort solution."
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10 weeks ago by mgold
Radiant Cooling | Department of Energy
Brief article from US Dept of Energy about radiant cooling (ie hydronic cooling of slab or radiators). Potential problem is condensation.
radiant  cooling  hydronic  slab 
10 weeks ago by pciszewski
What is Altherma? | Daikin
Heat pump based heating/cooling unit compatible with hydronic including underfloor
energy  reverse  cycle  heating  cooling  altherma  hydronic  heatpump  heat  pump 
11 weeks ago by pciszewski
How to Avoid Problems With Your Hydronic System Pumps | Industrial Controls
Many mistakes are made locating circulating pumps in relation to the expansion tank.... The pump location is determined by where the expansion tank is connected to the system.
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february 2018 by ltalley
Fireview cookstoves Features & Options: Door, legs, gas side burner, overhead warmer
Wow, visible fire in cook stove with optional water jackets - a back boiler for the kitchen, actually available new!
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november 2014 by mgold
ISSUU - Search
A good number of Jaga catalogs and specifications are here for some reason
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july 2014 by mgold
High Card heating solutions - sells Viessmann
they don't list 222-F but they have some prices on Vitodens 100 and 200 and some other stuff
remodel  hvac  hydronic 
may 2014 by mgold
Impact of the Position of the Radiators on Energy Consumption and Thermal Comfort in a Mixed Radiant and Convective Heating System
Seems to be a brilliant analysis showing that radiators near window or on ceiling surpass comfort and efficiency of forced air in properly ventilated room. Confounding not only forced air advocates but also any of those advocates of radiant who yammer about heat rising. Though since paper doesn't analyze enough cases to impeach the claim that floor heat is more efficient/comfortable than other emitter positions.
HVAC  hydronic 
may 2014 by mgold
Radiant Heat System Components
heat transfer plates with channel for hydronic underfloor retrofits, I think. Also the manifolds though I wish someone would do a fuller set of preassembled distribution components.
HVAC  hydronic 
may 2014 by mgold
Briza 041
Mechanical drawings and thermal characteristics of Jaga BZMC 041 horizontal ceiling-mounted hydronic fan convectors
HVAC  hydronic 
february 2014 by mgold

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