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Negligence blamed in deadly laboratory explosion on campus
Serious dereliction of duty led to the deaths of three students in a laboratory explosion at Beijing Jiaotong University in December, the Beijing Emergency Management Bureau said on Wednesday.

A joint investigation involving multiple government departments found that the students purchased and stored dangerous chemicals and carried out risky experiments in violation of regulations. University personnel also failed to oversee and manage the safety of laboratories and scientific research projects, investigators said.

On Dec 26, students from the urban planning and environmental engineering department were doing sewage treatment experiments in a laboratory building on the university's eastern campus. The explosion killed three students who were taking part.

The investigation of the blast was coordinated by the municipal Emergency Management Bureau, Public Security Bureau and Fire Services Department.

It found that during the stirring of magnesium powder and phosphoric acid in a mixer, the hydrogen generated in the hopper was ignited by a spark caused by metal friction in the mixer and then exploded. That in turn caused a further magnesium dust explosion, engulfing the rest of the magnesium powder and other combustibles nearby. The three students died at the scene, it said.

Public security authorities said Li Desheng, director of the research project, and Zhang Qiong, manager of the laboratory, will be investigated for criminal negligence.

The Ministry of Education and Beijing Jiaotong University punished 12 officials from the university, including Cao Guoyong, its Party chief, Ning Bin, its president and Guan Zhongliang, its vice-president.

The authorities have ordered corrections in the production, sale, transportation and storage of dangerous chemicals, with comprehensive safety inspections at every stage.

All universities in Beijing have been asked to carry out safety inspections, clarify experiment regulations, improve the safety management system of laboratories and strengthen personnel training in order to prevent other incidents.
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2 days ago by dchas
Tay Cities Region Deal
The Tay Cities Region comprises the local authority areas of Angus, Dundee
City, Perth & Kinross and the North East area of Fife. The region has a strong
economic base and regional identity with world class universities and many
cutting-edge businesses. It is home to almost 500,000 people and over 15,000
businesses. Its two cities, Dundee and Perth, are just over 20 miles apart.
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5 days ago by fbotha
IMechE recommends electrification instead of hydrogen trains - Railway Gazette
HYDROGEN: Although investment in hydrogen-fuelled trains is a ‘vital’ part of the process to improve air quality, it must not be seen as an easy replacement for electrification, according to The Future for Hydrogen Trains in the UK published by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers on February 7.
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5 days ago by fbotha
Riversimple wins 125m in funding to build more Rasa FCEVs | Next Green Car
Riversimple has been awarded £1.25 million of government funding, to support the production of a fleet of 20 Rasa hydrogen fuel cell test vehicles
riversimple  EV  cars  UK  government  finance  hydrogen  fuel-cell 
8 days ago by fbotha
Efficient CO2 Utilization via a Hybrid Na-CO2 System Based on CO2 Dissolution - ScienceDirect
Converts CO2 to hydrogen and baking soda via electrolytic cell and aqueous solution. Dependent on the aqueous solution though, where does that come from, how hard is it to regenerate, etc. Makes power too
CCS  CO2  carbon  capture  baking  soda  hydrogen  gas  production  power  generator  electrolytic  cell  sodium  ionic  conductor  NASICON  separator  membrane  chemistry 
8 days ago by asteroza
ITM Power consortium wins UK grant for electric car project, 6 Feb 2019 09:54 | Shares Magazine
Source - SMW
Energy storage and clean fuel company ITM Power confirmed it was part of a consortium awarded £3.1m by UK authorities to develop electric vehicles and a re-fueling station.

ITM Power said it would receive £1.8m for the re-fuelling station.

The company also announced that it had won sales and project awards of £7.1m over the last eight weeks, bringing the contract backlog to a total of £35.7m.
OLEV  UK  hydrogen  fuel-cell  politics  EV  cars 
10 days ago by fbotha
Riversimple is a sustainable car company, not a hydrogen car company. This is a summary of the thought processes that we have been through in choosing to build a hydrogen fuel cell car – guided by the need to address the environmental impact of personal transport.

The question “Batteries or Hydrogen?” is actually the wrong question. We need a mixture of different solutions. The answer is neither hydrogen nor batteries exclusively; we like simple, single solutions but, as the American author H.L. Mencken said, “For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.”
hydrogen  fuel-cell  EV  cars  politics 
10 days ago by fbotha
Lessons from Hydrogen Fire and Explosion in Unattended Experiment at PNNL
On September 30, 2018, a fire and minor explosion occurred in a laboratory in Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's Physical Sciences Laboratory building. While damage to the experimental equipment was significant, the damage to the lab itself was minimal. Over the course of an investigation and causal analysis, much was learned.

PNNL management feels it's important to share these lessons with staff and others from around the DOE complex so everyone can benefit from this experience.

Over the next few minutes, you'll see a little about the research that was being conducted, what is believed to have gone wrong, and what was learned. As part of that learning, you'll hear about two of the Safe Conduct of Research (SCoR) principles that emphasize how having a questioning attitude and a healthy respect for what can go wrong could have prevented or lessened the impact of this event.
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