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just in it for the game
“It's excellent rehabilitation for my image,” Loki says, widening his eyes. “They love you, and because of that they'll trust me. You wouldn't ruin this for me, would you?”

Thor glares at him.

Loki’s mouth twitches. “Also, it's the funniest thing that's ever happened to me.”

Still here and still traaaaaaaaaaaaash 🔥🔥

but again quality trash 🔥
fanfiction  slash  marvel  thor/loki  oneshot  1k-10k  humor  smutfest  loc:ao3 
3 hours ago by adelikal
I don't think that means what you think it means (Series Masterpost) by ThroughTheTulips
Ever notice how aliens have mostly similar customs to humans in Stargate? There never seem to be words or concepts that just don't translate. For the most part that makes sense given how they were spread deliberately across the universe, but there should be more weird stuff.

So I made some. This is very fluffy and ridiculous. Enjoy.
fandom:teen.wolf  fandom:stargate.anything  stiles/derek  length:12-15k  location:ao3  humor  a/b/o  crossovers-fusions  mpreg  via:caelulum 
5 hours ago by concinnity
Johnny Hekker calls out ‘Madden’ for confusing him with Greg Zuerlein | Rams Wire
Johnny Hekker is one of the best follows on Twitter, not just for the Rams but in all of football. His tweets are both hilarious and meaningful, raising awareness for things like the punter “brand” with Pat McAfee.
He took to Twitter on Monday to call out EA Sports’ “Madden NFL Mobile” for confusing him with Rams kicker Greg Zuerlein. He said it’s happened before, too.
.@EAMaddenMobile I believe this has happened before…I hope you guys know that we don’t “all look alike”
I do appreciate the baller card though.
— Johnny Hekker (@JHekker) February 19, 2018
@JHekker Hmm, you look a little different on Madden Mobile. Can't quite place why. You?
— Mike Winchell (@mrmikewinch) February 19, 2018
Zuerlein and Hekker were two of the best special teams players in the NFL this past season, each earning All-Pro honors with the Rams.
football  rams  hekker  twitter  humor 
6 hours ago by rgl7194
RT : This is the most clever and in depth math joke I've ever seen.

nerdyjokes  humor  math  mathjokes  from twitter_favs
7 hours ago by kamal
Clint Barton’s Super Secret Sniper Club
/Clint Barton's Super Secret Snipers' Club. (Invitation and pending mental health evaluation required.)

"When Steve brings Bucky back to the tower for the first time, Clint’s first thought is that Tony Stark’s pride and joy is quickly becoming a less of a very tall and expensive ‘fuck you’ in the faces of investors who don’t believe in self-sustaining energy, and more of a superhero rehabilitation center."/
pairing:steve/tony  jealousy  fandom:avengers  oblivious  slash  fic  humor  protective  length:65000+  cuddling  angst  rating:pg-13 
10 hours ago by zimaya
ClippyJS - Add Clippy or his friends to any website for instant nostalgia
Clippy.js is a full Javascript implementation of Microsoft Agent (AKA Clippy and friends), ready to be embedded in any website. Pick an assistant below and mash some animation buttons! Our favorite is Links the cat.
javascript  history  humor  microsoft  clippy  library  web 
11 hours ago by kybernetikos
RT : This is the most clever and in depth math joke I've ever seen.

math  humor  mathjokes  nerdyjokes  from twitter_favs
17 hours ago by akalin
Sequelitis - YouTube
Arin Hanson's short but brilliant series on design evolution in game sequels. His insights are valuable and delivered entertainingly - in particular, he provides the definitive examination of the finely-crafted opening level of Mega Man X.
design  humor  video  egoraptor  mega-man  castlevania  zelda 
17 hours ago by docprof
RT : This is the most clever and in depth math joke I've ever seen.

math  nerdyjokes  mathjokes  humor  from twitter
yesterday by martinpickett
How to Succeed in Business Even If You're Cursed
They say the best revenge is living well. Borgin thinks otherwise, and ensures Malfoy pays for his family's part in the decline of business, but Draco has other plans.
HarryPotter  humor  fave  ficrec  Draco  Hermione  Dramione  oneshot  AO3  author:Darkrivertempest 
yesterday by Red_Paladin6
RT @A_Silent_Child: This is the most clever and in depth math joke I've ever seen.

#math #mathjokes #nerdyjokes #humor…
math  nerdyjokes  humor  mathjokes 
yesterday by jasonkenney

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