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where the dread fern grows
Sam's gotta buy a wedding present, and nothing but elf booze will do.
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Times Newer Roman
One of these lines is longer than the other.
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Scooby Doo: Which Witch is Which?
Which Witch is Which? is the thirteenth episode of the first season of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!
Episode # 113
US air date: December 6, 1969 (CBS)
Run time: 22m 2s
Written by: Ken Spears, Joe Ruby, and Bill Lutz
Directed by: William Hanna and Joseph Barbera
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15 hours ago by dbourn
Drip - Mike Rugnetta
In part one of this essay, we discussed goods labeled “tactical” and the apparent reference intended by those objects. Our conclusion was, roughly, that tactical objects allow wearers / users to perform an association (a perhaps defensible one) with the armed services and various first responder personnel: police forces, and so on. 

We also uncovered a fundamental tension present in many tactical goods: try as they might to denote a particular lifestyle or occupation, these objects largely connote them. In surveying the array of tactics-based products, one may behold multitudinous visual metaphors for lifestyles focused on service and preparedness but may notice the lack of a material association with those lifestyles, or the people who practice them. In short, we came to understand aspects of tactics-things as pure fashion. 

But the ‘authenticity’ of the objects is not under question here. Rather (or really: in result), we ask how a person may ~become~ “tactical” or “a tactician” through the purchase and use of these items. In this second and final installment of a Half Baked study concerning A Material Semiotics of Tacticality we’ll discuss what tactics are and how the tactical-as-such can be seen in tactical goods. We’ll discuss the ethics of the tactical system of objects, and that system’s seepage into various locales. 
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22 hours ago by Vaguery
B.J. May on Twitter: "My @nest doorbell automatically locks the front door when it sees a face it doesn't recognize. Today it didn't recognize me, so I went into the app to investigate and...…"
My @nest doorbell automatically locks the front door when it sees a face it doesn't recognize. Today it didn't recognize me, so I went into the app to investigate and…
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yesterday by nathansmith
CIA Soviet Joke reference
Well, this might be an interesting historical reference, or a joke...
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yesterday by asteroza
On A Wing And A Prayer | Vault
Rick Reilly's epic column about his F-14 Tomcat check ride.
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yesterday by retrophisch

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